Please delete this topic

Please delete this topic

I confuse.


Amen brother

So in the game, you have to drag and drop your units (called pins) to the location that you want to play them.
Pacific Dolphin wants to just tap them there.

As for me tapping would be nice, but I would be worried about putting units out on accident, in the wrong place.

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Good info. Where is this game available? I searched it in the Google play store and got zero returns.

Here is how to get it Technically you have to be in Thailand, Indonesia, or Philippines.

The only cheeky thing about the instructions here, is that Tunnel Bear (recommended) doesn’t have any one of those.

you actually have to use 2 apps. “Thailand VPN” and “OpenVPN For Android”

its a pain to get it this way, but it gets it so you can download from Thailand’s app store.

(I live here so its available to me)