PLEASE consider keeping XP bonus rotation in VS! For the sake of getting matches

Having an XP bonus has been a blessing in that some modes became PLAYABLE again. Dodgeball was all but dead until it was graced by quad-XP, then it became easy to find matches at most times of the day. Not only were other modes easier to find matches in, but they were finally somewhat BALANCED again.

Even though TDM and KOTH don’t need it, it’s also nice to be able to find matches for them late into the evening and in the early morn, which is something that doesn’t happen without a boost.
I don’t even care about XP one bit myself, I just like seeing game modes active again.

Please help keep ranked play alive and keep the bonuses rolling for the hardcore player base that still plays your game.


i’m sure they’ll keep it and just bump it down to 2x exp for reason that will not be disclosed to us

I actually think 2xp would be ideal. I don’t think they need to give away the farm (though anyone still playing this after 2 years probably deserves everything left they have to offer) so 2xp is a nice compromise. People seem to flock to XP bonuses so whatever it takes to keep the game, and certain modes alive.

It was so nice to be able to play Guardian again without having to wait 10min until a team of Diamond 5s finished up their last match so they could have their turn with you next because no one else is playing.


Have to agree, finding Guardian, Dodgeball and Execution matches was nearly impossible in the UK before this, but suddenly people are playing them with the 4XP in play.


TC should do 10x XP for events and keep 4-5xp as the norm for all playlist to keep in line with the xp gained from horde and speed runs. Just my opinion

Honestly finding matches with crippled Internet connection players as it is now, doesn’t mean a thing for 4xp or 10000xp, it’s crap rated gaming experience.

While writing this, matchmaking is keeping me in “lobby dissolved” loop for a while.

Yeah that would be good otherwise its kind of boring to play lol

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