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Please buff the xp

Before this it was very generous, but it is so ■■■■ now.
1 master escape 2.5k xp !? 2~4 hours master horde 15k xp !?
you guys can make it like RPG kill for the XP not set maximum limit for per round.

Took me 300 times master Venom run for reup 18 to 20, not funny at all.

Has your Boost run out? Because that is more than likely responsible for your XP gains being cut in half. Look at the top right of your screen underneath your profile name and Reup/level. It’ll say if it’s still active or not.

I’m not saying to go and buy it, however, unless you have spare Iron lying around you won’t ever use for anything else. Boost is a solution created by TC to an absurdly slow XP grind they created on purpose to sell it. Not that the XP grind is much better with it.

Just finished a full 50 waves of horde on master and it only brought me up 7 levels at reup 13. This is with boost active as well, I agree thats its kinda ridiculous.

I remember it being like that in Gears 4. So what’s the issue.