Please buff solider class in horde


(Ektope) #21

Lancer was iconic for its insta-kill chainsaw too, it still even kills on higher difficulties.
There isn’t much difference between Insane and Inconceivable, only that Inconceivable gives everyone -50% HP but enemies seems same.
If you’ve done Insane, you can beat Inconceivable too as 5 Soldiers.
Just got to mind own HP more often, maybe Cover Boost would help more here.

(jmelia123) #22

Yes cover boost does help we struggled on 5 lancers combined fire against a carrier w30

(Junglist Shoota) #23

Hammerburst and Dropshot as backup. I do find it odd that the rifle damage is not also 120% but meh.

(mendigo2005) #24

Imagine retro and enforcer with +120% damage, +120% active reload bonus and +40% damage on called shot…

(mendigo2005) #25

Good luck.

(Junglist Shoota) #26

My aim is not good enough for Retro but yes, it would be wild.

(Ektope) #27

Retro has to be feathered, meaning firing in short bursts or few shots.
The recoil in Gears 4 is less than Gears 3, so it’s much slightly easier to use this time around.
It even works to just single shot if enemy at further distance, but Hammerburst might be better suited at that Range.

(jmelia123) #28

I do like a classic lancer game every now and then typically in private with same minded friends who played gears 2 and 3 at a very high level

(RicardoFR88) #29

Retro takes some practice but you can get alot of damage done with it. Normal Lancer seems off at times

(Belkain) #30

I agree that the Soldier needs a buff, the last one helped but was not enough. On inconceivable no matter what you do, only a few high level players will be on par with the heavy and sniper in terms of damage. Most players being Soldier on inconceivable will kill everything for the first 10 waves then drop to the bottom.

The Soldier needs a buff but extra rifle damage is not the way to go. The reason being that a Soldier on lv 6 skills (common and rare, nothing expensive) with the startup weapon gets to be god on Hardcore and with a little skill you can be the same on Insane. More rifle damage would help on Inconceivable but would completely destroy the balance on Insane and below, more so because it’s a starting weapon.

A cheaper hammer? maybe some extra powerful grenades that can be used once or twice? something like that.

(Ektope) #31

Pretty much, would imbalance the Damage on lower Difficulties.

It doesn’t really matter about being high level, it could mean being Level 10 Soldier or simple Wings 5 Soldier, when someone could already have five Level 6 Soldier Skills by Re-up 5~.
Why should Soldiers get more Buff from Rifle Damage, when they can use Grenades too?
Soldiers can do well if Engineer builds in a certain way, to benefit Soldiers using Shock Grenades.
For instance, a single Decoy in an area where many enemies get attracted to it.
This is gonna reward that Soldier with Area of Effect Damage and kills from Shock Grenades.
Other classes like Snipers with Explosive Headshots and Heavies with Area of Effect explosions,
Rifle Damage can’t really top them.

(Matanjah1995) #32

I love soldier class, maybe it is little weak for bosses, but for normal enemies really good and small - perfect.
I usually have rifle bonus, reload bonus (yeah, it’s need a skill to perfect reloading 10 time in row), cover bonus, more ammo and last one is hammer of dawn or team revive. And of course RETRO LANCER (540 ammo), so even scions are for only 2 rounds.
Only one what made me sad, that is no enemy with retro, so you couldn’t find it… :frowning:

(Bolt Speedyman) #33

I run:

Rifle Damage
Rifle Capacity
Active Reload
Magazine Capacity
Cover Boost

Works like a charm. I suppose a minor buff to rifle damage could work, like 10-15 percent, so its not retro lancer meta every game.

(xxDAMRONxx) #34

Soldier is OP if used right.

(Junglist Shoota) #35

Don’t use Hammerburst?

(mendigo2005) #36

Too bad many heavies just discard the retro as soon they find a dropshot or a torque while soldier and team could benefit from it.

(BallsyManeuver) #37

All of the classes are overpowered. I do just fine with the soldier on inconceivable. The soldier is actually the most versatile class, with the active reload skill practically any weapon becomes viable for a soldier.

The Lancer can output more dps than the Retro. It’s still a more effective weapon in Horde than the Retro. The chainsaw execution is far easier and safer to perform than the bayonet charge, it has a much larger magazine size, and a much shorter reload time. I’m unsure if it also has a higher active reload damage multiplier, but I suspect it’s the case. Both the Retro and Hammerburst lag behind the Lancer. Oh and I guess so does the Enforcer, don’t really think of that as a rifle despite the skill card affecting it.

Are you sure you’re not landing additional headshots? Perfect active reload and headshot does significantly more damage.

(buscobuzzy) #38

Been doing a lot of record keeping and ya the horde system is very inconsistent. I’ve been using the accuracy hard to hit more headshots to stay consistent in the recordings. Tested a lot on the Scions and found a fresh Scion you could unload a 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 of a magazine to the head. To me that is a shot registration issue/sponging which gears is known for.

(Omen LP) #39

I like playing soldier, but my thoughts are as follows:

On higher diff levels (insane and definitely incon), the enemies are so OP, especially on later waves, you cannot exchange fire with them. Soldier’s weapons are rifles, which means shooting multiple bullets, which means exchanging fire: and they shoot you down much quicker than you can shoot them down…

Sniper is a one shot killer… Heavy with Drop is a one shot killer… Soldier is a “keep shooting at them for a while” killer… which makes the soldier very exposed and vulnerable to OP enemy fire…

When using rifles… With frags or active reload boosted embar/dropshot it’s less so, but then you are a pretend sniper/heavy, without the capacity cards…

I like soldier on lower diff levels…

(HoesEatOreos) #40

sniper ftw

is it just me or is the boomshot underpowered compared to the dropshot?