Please buff solider class in horde


I’d like to see the solider class receive a buff especially to lancer damage. Currently level 6 card is maxed to 100 % Can this be taken up to 120 %

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Not needed.

If you use retro you’ll kill like a beast.

Specially with called shot and active reload bonus.


I’m not talking about the retro

Well, I am.

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Thank you for proving my point with suggesting it’s supplement by the called shot sniper class

If I remember correctly, they already buffed up Rifle Damage at some point.
If you don’t feel like it’s doing enough Damage, then might wanna consider Rifle Accuracy Card to ensure most bullets do land on headshots for extra Damage, not even sure if you use.
And then there’s Perfect Active Reload Bonuses…
It’s pretty strong enough on Casual to Hardcore, maybe Insane and Inconceivable on earlier Waves.

I’m not sure if the Lancer has to be put to 120% which would be nice but one thing I’ve noticed is the inconsistence with the strength of it. For example say your shooting a Scion, all factors the same in regards to distance and the scion has not taken any damage yet. Some times I’ve unloaded a full mag and some times a half a mag. To me it’s like the shots are not registering properly which I know TC has had issue with especially the with the Gnasher.

Inconceivable past wave 30

Yeah, the enemies have mutators with +2.0% Health, so would need twice as much Damage.
And from Wave 41 to 50, +2.5% Health.

The solider class is a support class which is fine. However I’d like to see it on a par with the others when it comes to the highest difficulty

You’re welcome.

As we’re talking about a CO OP mode, you know that, right?


When you play at a high level like I do you will realise that the solider is not on par with damage out put of a sniper or heavy

It was never intended to.
Power, Snipers, Explosives, Heavy Weapons are meant to be much stronger than traditional Rifles.
Besides, Soldiers don’t only benefit from Rifles but have upgraded Grenade Damage and Skills.

Oh, yes he does.

You can use dropshot, retro lancer and shock granades.

And if you don’t feel confident on your shooting skills, use the hammer!

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All pick up im referring to the starting weapon base damage

The starting weapons are not always the strongest ones.
It even applies to Scouts, Snipers, Heavies and Soldiers.
Scout could use Overkill than Gnasher.
Snipers could use EMBAR, than Longshot/Markza.
Heavies could use Torque Bow/Dropshot than Boomshot.
Soldiers could use Hammerburst/Retro than Lancer.

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Agreed let’s get another 20 % for the lancer so it is on a par with the shotgun base damage level 6 out put

No, thanks.

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Whilst some of us wait for the dislike button to be added to the forums ill patiently wait for the most iconic weapon in the francise to return to its former glory in horde. So I can pull off a 5 man solider run on inconceivable having been successful at this on insane already. Yep 20 % damage more should see me pull this off at the highest difficulty