Please bring the HiveBuster characters to Horde

These characters are some of my new favorites from the franchise. If you want them playable in horde please comment below and let them know.


The problem with porting them directly is they’re clearly scaled for different things. Lahni would have the same issues Emile has in Horde where Kait just dwarfs them and their pistol focus wouldn’t really be of use in Horde where you get plenty of ammo. Additionally certain mechanics wouldn’t really line up either. JD and Keegan in particular Spotter Support + Situational Awareness + Eagle Eyes could potentially wipe out a whole wave in a single shot. They’d have to be reworked to actually be balanced in horde and then that would make them askew in Escape. While the promo chars don’t have full kits so they’re not exactly the same look at Kat in Escape, she has several dead perks that do nothing for her there whereas for Horde she has enough skills to give her a full kit and she’s good by default being an engineer.

Yes, also let us play as Horde characters in Escape.

Who cares, just let the player have fun the way they want.


Sure let’s just put instant win buttons too so the player can win without playing the game because that way anybody can beat any difficulty they want no matter their skill level since balance doesn’t matter anyway let’s start allowing aim bots or enable infinite ammo or the cheats going around with unlimited Ultimates let’s make those perfectly legit. Just because it’s a coop mode doesn’t mean that balance isn’t important to consider and not everybody will want to play with completely over-powered character combinations and the mentality of “who cares” will result in matches where players wanting to play horde don’t get to play horde. Go play a match with a Marcus that never leaves Living Legend that is also gaining Stim from the Band of Brothers and with a higher max from Defensive Stim with added Damage Resistance and Explosive Resistance you get a Marcus that can’t die and always hit the head see how entertaining it is when you literally can sit in the corner and do nothing all match.

Keegan would be absolutely vital in Horde, especially on harder difficulties. so useful. more useful as a horde character than he is an escape character.



His Recharge Bounty, Marked Targets, Situational Awareness, Recharge Duration and Shredder would be golden.

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Woah, it’s almost like the Hero system was an absolute mistake…


No it’s more almost like they’re separate for a reason and that just smashing them together because “who cares” would be a bad idea.

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They did it for Kat and she’s literally useless for Escape. I don’t think it’s bold to say that only you and other 0.1% of players would be upset if they made all characters available on both modes.

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The promo characters are the exception and making blanket claims like that just show ignorance. Not everybody turns on God Mode in Doom though there are some that do and only enjoy the game being overpowered there are others that want to actually play the game the way it is intended. There’s a number of people who already complain about the Promo characters not being scaled for both modes and you’re seeking to increase the number of characters like that. Emile is already compared unfavorably to Kait calling for change for his character and Lahni would be no different not only would it cause a number of complaints that X is better than Y it’d cause broken interactions in a game that people already complain this mode or that is flawed. There’s about literally about 4 people on the forum who have asked about playing the Hivebusters in Horde in threads if it was so wide sweeping that it trumped all others you’d be able to throw a rock anyway on the forum and see 15 threads with the request like you can with numerous other ‘issues’. Complaints about the tour of duty, complaints about the lack of ammo in horde, complaints about randoms, complaints that you can’t play X character the list goes on and they’re releasing more characters as is in October. Escape and Horde are different most of the desire to play the Hivebusters in Horde stem from simply wanting to be the characters themselves in Horde with complete disregard to how their skills would actually impact things. It’s like going to a hamburger joint and wanting a healthy hamburger, getting a vegetarian option that has the perceived notion that it might be healthier ordering and realizing that it’s no healthier at all and you might as well just have had the beef to begin with. (assuming that’s the only reason you order the Impossible Burger or Beyond Burger which they were indeed out there before the media publicized that they’re not healthier because those people didn’t want to actually look into it and just took it at face value that they’re vegetables they have to healthier than meat.) People want the character models they’re not looking at the potential interactions that simply porting them over would cause.

Jesus christ that wall of text, learn some typing formatting!
I only read the first two sentences but i think you main “issue” would be with some characters being too OP? That could be easily fixed with balance patches, the character variety is minuscule as it is and i don’t know why would you be against fixing that bigger issue.


That’s a pretty big issue, and always having to worry about balancing a character for both will always cause problems, potential overpowered here but fine there will always cause problems and will always potentially cause problems with future characters they’re planning on releasing. Any time they spend backtracking is a time they’re not working fixing any other issues time and resources they spend not adding anything new incentives not to release new characters for the interactions it could cause.

They’re adding characters in October instead of asking for something that can and would break the game I don’t know why you would be against having a little patience it’s not like even if they added the Hivebusters to Horde it’d be instant anyway so you’d still have to wait.

I actually like Mac and Keegan and Mac could probably fit into Horde just fine, but Keegan would be flat out broken. Sit down and think of the implications of marking essentially an entire field of enemies running Bounty Mark with a JD that has Confirmed Kill and Spotter Support. Every kill would refresh his Artillery Strike by 25 seconds with level 1 Confirmed Kill and Keegan’s level 1 Bounty Mark and Artillery Strike is very much capable of killing any non-boss enemy in horde. 1 enemy is 25 seconds, 2 is 50, 3 is 75, eventually it becomes and complete a full recharge any time use the ability and or the rest of the team can mark the enemies you can’t outright kill allow Keegan to always mark the ones you can to ensure you always get that full recharge and all because a direct port of Escape Balanced characters is a bad idea moving them to a completely different mode they’re not balance for and would require a major rework to actually function when they have plenty of other fan favorite characters that aren’t in the game in any capacity at all. Cole and Baird of large note. Hoffman is mentioned as the one who sent the Hivebusters to the Hive so he could easily return if they wanted as well,

Horde Character should be in escape and escape character in horde

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If anything, the only “problematic” character would be Keegan. Either rebalance or cut entirely his card that allows him to mark multiple enemies and BAM! Everything is fixed and everyone is happy. See how easy it is? You don’t have to make excuses for each and every one of TC’s poor design choices when there’s always a workaround for them.

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Marking enemies is how you get good times in Escape, BAM! you just screwed over the people that like going for leaderboards everybody isn’t happy. See how easy it is? He’s balanced fine for the Escape he’s in you don’t have to go looking for problems when there aren’t any for each and every impulsive want people have there’s always a reason companies don’t go around making every little change that is posted on their game’s forum.

I obviously meant them to cut it for Horde since that’s what your example was specifically about. Nice reading comprehension you got there.

The current system for those that can play both they share a level and all cards I chose to ignore having separate skill sets for that reason by choice it has nothing to do with lack of reading comprehension rather ignoring yet more changes you want impose just to fit your own narrative of it being a good idea. Let’s see it’s already be complained that it’s too grindy, but now you have to collect separate cards for even more characters based on the mode and then why would their levels carry over if they’re actually different characters. Like I’ve said before implusive desire for instant gratification clearly aren’t examining every possible angle on the matter for the myriad of potential issues it can cause. Nice fantasy land you got there where things just magically happen and all the little tweaks to suit a personal narrative don’t have a ripple effect on other items in the game.

Patience is a virtue and October is literally next month, you get more characters then wait to see what they do there before trying to screw things up even more.

I don’t think i’m alone or anyone would be upset if they simply unlocked all characters on both modes just like that. There’s literally nothing in doing it that would hurt your experience as a player.
You say it might be broken (i say “might” since we can’t even know for a fact) but so what? There’s been broken mechanics and strategies in Horde since Gears 2 and no one cared.

The very fact you’re referring to them as broken mechanics without blinking is a problem. If they’re broken that implies they can be fixed adding to them because they’ve been there in the past is the same logic as the age old question of “If everybody jumped off a bridge would you want to too?” It’s absurd logic.

I don’t know if it’s your mental gymnastics or the broken english but your analogy makes no sense at all.