Please bring map all the gears maps from 1-4 including the dlc ones

please bring all the maps that were ever created in gears 1-4 including dlc’s… THEY were so fun to play on and such great maps it would bring back so many good memories and times… even if it cost iron I would get those map packs or buy a season pass if brought back to the map cycle


Ever since gears 3 the way content has been dealt with has been very very poor…gear 4 content hidden behind a pay wall and gears 5…well same model used as in gears judgement limited maps and specific maps for different game types…first trilogy nailed it with MP Maps, around 60 different maps between the 3 and earn content as you play with gears 3…the original trilogy formula worked…why change it?..Greed.

And thats not to mention they got rid of rolling lobbies in gears 4/5…one of the best features where you could play continuously all maps cycle without having to quit to the MP menu.

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I am 100% sure they will do this.

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Expect much? :grin:

But seriously though, this ain’t happening. Creating an original map, and even recreating an old one takes alot of work.