Please bring MANSION back

I want this map back the most. I can imagine a dark and gritty mansion or possibly a overgrown with trees and vines mansion. I don’t care any type I just want mansion back. At the rate of the maps thow I fear that we will never get it. Gears 4 rate of 2 maps a month was probably our best chance.


The pros get mad because not symmetrical. Oops nvm I’m thinking of escalation. Anyway like to see both back but I don’t think pros will approve.

I’d love to play it again, but tc’s remakes are usually pretty bad. I’m honestly 50/50 on the idea of tc remaking any classic maps.

Well because classic maps are/were designed to fit the gameplay of classic games. It’s not COD where we have a near perfect replication of gameplay. Each game has different move speeds, slide distances. So therefore it’ll play ever so slightly different, and needs some sort of adjustment.

Yeah I know tc adjusted them for their silly fast roadie speed and widened areas, removed cover etc for escalation. I just don’t think they needed to.

The maps all played worse with the adjustments.

Epic didn’t change gridlock across three games. Tc just need to meddle for the sake of it.

Of course if they just made sliding faster then running like the trilogy and even jears, they could literally run the exact maps.