Please bring back Oscar in op 5

Bring back Oscar in operation 5

Don’t even bring up Oscar.

It pisses me off how they disposed of him.

Like really. He lives for that.


Meh, could care less if he’s around tbh.


You want to see his luchador a$$ when he is DBNO!? :neutral_face:


But If Oscar is added to Gears 5 will he have his GoW 4 Voice mixed in with his Gears 5 one?

Really? Lol

Honestly, the ONLY Oscar skin I’d like to see is the one from the gears 5 campaign with his “cold” outfit on, but besides that… no!! TC did some silly stuff, making him wear tights like a silly wrestler… come on!! He looked so dumb in basically all of his skins that it just didn’t look right.

I can’t agree with bringing him back, but who am I to say you can’t like something.


He was such a pointless addition to Gears 5. I’m not surprised Jimmy Smits never reprised his role.

I’m glad Kait killed him.


Don’t care for Oscar
But he should’ve been one of the launch characters since he was already in the game same with Baird, Lizzie, and Cole
I guess TC is gonna TC


I guess MS is gonna MS :sunglasses:

I’d rather have had him than the wrestlers that we did get tbh

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With recent events, this comment holds up very well.

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Apparently your NeckPUNCHattack. Question when you attack the neck do you go for the throat or the jugular?

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Dont care much for Oscar, but it’s pretty f*cking stupid how we’ve gotten three wrestlers, three actors, two terminators, and two characters from another game before him.

Not to mention the game has been out over a year now. The hell are they waiting on?


Honestly, Oscar’s VA probably didn’t reprise his role for 5 because of how piss poorly people reacted to his character in 4 and not wanting to continue on without the original voice TC likely killed him off for simplicity.
Worked out for them I guess because I can’t see Oscar living having an effect on the story in 5.
Seemingly all the hate for the character comes from his “troll” skins (wrestler and luchador) where he has his gut and ■■■ cheeks hanging out. I thought it was pretty silly sure, so I understand where many of the haters are coming from… Or at least I would if the same people didn’t tolerate the Thrashball skins. (Not hating on TB, it’s just equally silly in my eyes).
Anyway, I like Wrestler Oscar enough but I’m not saying it (or Luchador) needs to come back with Oscar himself.
Still I would’ve liked to see him bite the bullet and join the COG again in the end, we could’ve gotten that young/armored Oscar that I’ve wanted since 4.

It depends. Usually I’ll just do a general attack to the throat/neck area, but sometimes, in rare occasions… I do go straight for the jugular.

Guess it depends on how much of a neck attacking mood I’m in.

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Because, at least on Cole, it’s a skin directly tied to his background. He was a Thrashball player. Plus, it looks like a regular football uniform anyways so it doesn’t look anywhere near as bad as Nipple Exposed Oscar.

I HATE Thrashball Kait, though.

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They NEED to put in a OldSchool COLE skin

Well they removed Oscar’s banner from the banner section so that’s a sign he’s being forgotten.

It was there at launch for players to have behind their preferred COG/Swarm characters but now it has been quietly removed.

It’s still silly to run around in anything but armor so my point still stands.
I like the slightly nonsensical character skins like Thrashball Drone, Farmer Dom, Biker Marcus, Cardboard Jack, Krampus Scion, etc. (as long as they are an actual Gears character I’m pretty accepting of any skin idea, even the Ronin ones).
People just treat Oscar unfairly, I find.

Tbf, the MP part isn’t really canon, so I think some skins being unarmored are fine. And for some like the Outsider skins, not having armor is fine by me too, even in the Campaign due to the setting they usually appear in… although they really could have made some makeshift armor for basic bullet protection and against stray explosive shrapnel.

I think quite a few people just didn’t like him in Gears 4s Campaign but I thought he was kinda funny. The way they offed him in Gears 5 was kinda brutal even if I see why/how it was supposed to contribute to Kait’s decision to not keep the Locust relation a secret any longer.

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