Please bring back gears 1 maps in gears 5, Manson, process and tyro station, these are also good for Esports and new gears players will like these maps

we appreciate you doing it on gears 4 so we would love it if you do it on gears 5, people that are new to gears will love the old and gritty maps it is what we want. unlike the basic blue and white maps that you have showed on gears 5 they have no character it looks like halo not gears.

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Self-promotion is prohibited here, isn’t it?

Just because you haven’t played gears 1, not promoting anything you donut.

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I played gears 1

but you didn’t get any bind fires across the map, you was the one with no head .

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this makes no sense, stop it

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Please stop arguing with each other.


Yamaha, voice your opinion with this Gear 5 Survey:

And what you said in your later posts made no sense :rofl::joy:

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Fresh New maps are a priority first