Please Bring Back CrossPlay Option for Ranked Games

Playing Ranked against all those PC Players is not fair… bring back the option to disable crossplay and give us the opportunity to play with People using Xbox only like you did when the game came out…

Do consoles have an impact on your skill level? If so get a pc and stop complaining.

I’m still on the One S and winning.

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I wish there was input based matchmaking but this game lacks the population for that.

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nah actually what we should do is force consoles to match against PCs exclusively.

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If you don’t see the advantage a PC can give you must be blind or something like that… Buying a PC would be a solution? Sure let me spend 2000$ for a PC instead asking for a game fix


Gears 5 is a PC game with a ■■■■■■ unrefined console port.

Real men play on consoles.

Have at thee, mousey demons!

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How about console players who use a mouse?

There is only one thing that can be said to them:


I know a PC player that uses a controller. :thinking: