Please Ban Truk Martian

Please Ban Truk Martian. Has anybody ever played against Truk Martian and had somebody on your team booted from the game? I just played against him twice in my last 2/3 games. I’ve been playing all day and no connection issues but the minute we start winning in the games i play against him, my ping sky rockets and I eventually get booted. This happened the first game. I was suspended for idk like five minutes (the screen doesn’t tell you how much time is left anymore). started a new game, did not play against them and had a normal ping (30ish) the whole game. Start up another one, see the other teams banners and I already know it’s gonna be a great match (since I got proof this time). I even prophesied it to my team mates that we were going to be lag switched. Game starts, I have again 30ish ping around the first round, which we win. And right on schedule I start getting hit. My ping jumps to the 1000s and I eventually get booted for the second time in a 30 minute span.

Proof: Truk Martian Lag Switch


Maybe he has a lag switch too. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

ive had this happen to me too, not by him but
i’d play like 5 games fine
all of a suddemn im in a game with 1000 ping till i’m kicked
must be a glitch you can do to lagswitch plll

I have proof from back in 2012 as well, on gears 3. This is my first encounter with him. Mind you he is on the global leaderboard. We match up with them in TDM (first w/ 2 rounds wins match). We win the first round (no connection/lag issue). They win second round (again, no connection/lag issue). The third round (tie breaker) starts and eventually we have more respawns and have control of power weapon (checkout). Great, this should be any easy win right??? Nope, they hit us with the lag switch. In the video you can here the audio of my whole team complaining about lagging. While we are all lagging, Truk’s team is killing us. Thats a little strange that one whole team is lagging while the other has no connection issue. Just look at the kill feed when we are lagging. Once they cheat us out of power weapon, we stop lagging and they trap us in the spawn. game over. He’s been cheating, he should have been banned 7 years ago.

Proof: Truk Martian Lag Switch (Gears 3)

He won’t get banned from this topic, I’ll tell you that now.

I haven’t read this post fully, like most people I read the first sentence. You need better structure, split that big wall of text into paragraphs. Trust me, people will at least take it the tiniest bit more serious.

Man, he still plays this game?

I remember back when people used to make topics on the clan for cheating and/or using the Retro or something lol