PLEASE ANSWER it’s like I’m playing in hardcore mode?

So I have been playing versus online and idk if it is just me or if Anyone is having this problem but the game looks great and all but I cannot see anything on my screen such as score, what gun im using, active reloads… it’s like I’m playing in like a hardcore mode and nothing pops up on my screen letting me know the score or when I reload I can’t see the bar and how many bullets I have in the clip! Please someone tell me if I have to change my settings or something! I’ve seen people play gears 5 versus on YouTube videos and when they play online they can see everything that I cannot!

The games been updated to remove these things after the bombardment of complaints stating the game feels too casual, now there’s room for a MASSIVE skill gap

Jk/you have a seriously gamebreaking problem there mate, hope TC can help ya quick

I’m going to try to upload a pic of what I’m experiencing! Does it make sense what I am trying to say?

Go into your settings and make sure you didn’t accidentally turn off the HUD.