Please add some sort of party size filter

For 2 days now I’ve been matched only with 5-stacks. In 2 of those cases I was in a party of 3. The rest of the matches (I’d say around 10) have been 5 solo players against a 5-stack.

I like to play solo sometimes. And I prefer playing in smaller groups than 5. But being constantly matched with 5-stacks is ruining ranked KOTH for me because not only do I avoid playing in 5-stacks(because a lot of those matches get too easy and boring), I often don’t even have the option to play in a 5-stack since the more active Finnish Gears community isn’t very big.

Since there apparently are so many 5-stacks actively searching in ranked matchmaking, 4 -and 5-stacks could surely be matched with each other. At least make that happen more frequently and prevent the game from putting 5 randoms against 5-stacks altogether. Right now, I am ONLY getting 5 randoms vs 5-stacks.

A few things.

1.) You say that when you’re in a 5 stack the matches are too easy for you. So wouldn’t being in a 3-stack +2 randoms going up against a 5-stack provide the challenge you are looking for?

2.) Whenever you search for a ranked game you roll the dice with your teammates and opponents. Regardless of your squad size, you will always run the risk of getting put up against a 5-stack. Odds are there probably isn’t enough people in ranked matches to support strict matchmaking parameters like solo players only going up against other solo players, 3-stacks only going up against other 3 stacks and 5-stacks only going up against other 5-stacks. Those restrictions combined with matching people of similar ranks would be damn near impossible to find a match or lead to ridiculously long queue times.

3.) Try using LFG to fill the other two empty slots in your squad if you’re in a 3 -stack.

The matches do get easy often when I am in a 5-stack. Often because we’re most of the time not matched with 5-stacks. Being in a 3-stack + a party of 2 against a 5-stack is usually fair. But if there are 2 randoms who can’t take care of themselves or don’t keep track of the rest of their team it’s usually hopeless (unless the 5-stack aren’t very good).

I know it’s a roll of a dice when you enter a matchmaking. And I know it’d potentially increase matchmaking times if there was a party-size filter. It could at least be tested.

Either way, the matchmaking is now putting me and my friends exclusively against 5-stacks, whether playing solo or together in a small party. That should not happen every single match. If party size restrictions are out of question the matchmaking should at least favor even parties so that it won’t happen all the time.

And as I said, I am Finnish. Writing in English is easy for me but communicating in-game and reacting quickly to English call outs is not so simple. It can be really tedious.

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Ah. I must’ve missed the portion where you said you were Finnish. I’d imagine the Finnish Gears fanbase isn’t exactly massive. It would be interesting to see if TC could test out a size filter, but I feel as if the population numbers just aren’t there. This is purely speculation obviously because TC doesn’t provide a player count. But even with the current matchmaking system, it can take quite a while to find a ranked match.

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I understand that, which is why I’d like to test a filter of some kind. But I think that the matchmaking could be made to at least favor similar parties and, if needed, expand the search if it takes too long. Right now I, and most of my friends, only play against 5-stacks when playing solo or in parties of 2-3, which is imo definitely a flaw in matchmaking.

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