Please add regions back in the game

90% of the matches I play my ping is 60 plus. I’m USA east coast and when I play east coast my ping is around 20.
These high ping matches suck, they aren’t enjoyable. Why would putting all regions together even seem like a good idea? Is gears 5 gonna be like this? If so I’ll pass…
I have owned all titles since gears 1 but this lag compensation, high ping garbage isn’t acceptable.

The sad part is we’re thrown into those games because the player base isn’t there anymore. If TC fixed the problems that have plagued this game for almost 2 years now then more people would be playing.

I’m not buying the playerbase dwindling, they made the region change quite early in this games life. I can not understand why, it obviously doesn’t work like at all. It’s crazy to me that TC doesn’t do anything about it. They don’t handle any major problem in this game. Which makes me doubt they will in future titles.