Please add regional Servers

Please insert regional server in the private game, because it is meanwhile impossible to win against people who have a ping of 5 ms and you have a ping of 30 ms or more !

it is really frustrating when i play privat games the connection is always mixed. but when i play ranked games i often have a ping of 25ms and the connection is often better!

if it is no longer possible with gow4 then i ask you at least to consider it at gow5

I am from europe and also know that in europe for gow4 only servers in the Netherlands and UK available! thats really sad ! because most of these people have a ping of 5ms!

you have quite more fans than just in these two countries so do something about it!

Many Thanks !!

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That’s up to Microsoft, not TC. They have no control over servers and locations of servers.

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That may be, but they can still take care of it :hushed:

You want TC to build and expand on the current Azure server network?

yes at least add more server in europe I mean I am from Germany and if only one server would be in Germany the whole problem would be solved I would not mind if you have to pay extra for it:kissing:

Asking TC you create the infrastructure and operate a server network, would be like asking a Tire Manufacturer to manufacture and produce a Car :smiley:
You should really request this from here;
Just change the region to yours :smiley:

Don’t know why you guys are arguing. There’s an Azure server in Amsterdam and that should be a decent enough connection. That’s closer than many US residents are to their nearest servers.

BTW, 25ms shouldn’t be game breaking. There is a lag compensation and a kill window that gives you opportunity to get kills when they happen on your screen. What you may be suffering is the typical inconsistency that many in this game suffer. Lower ping doesn’t fix that. Trust me…


yes you are right but just as an example Gears of war ultimate edition had servers near me and there I had a good ping of 15 ms !!! So I do not understand why they did not add more servers in gow4
because this part definitely has more players than gow UE