Please Add Real Ranked Punishments

Please punish people for leaving games in ranked… Like I think it’s only a 5 minute cooldown if you leave the game and 2 or more people leave nearly every game because they are losing and sometimes not even by a lot it can be like a good fun to play close game and people just leave cause it’s not a stomp. Just make it so they lose a whole rank or something if they leave and a 1hr cooldown at this point PLEASE like not just a drop from something like d3 to d2 they should drop from d3 to onyx 3 it’s so disgusting that after a year of people consistently leaving games the punishment is STILL only 5 minutes of waiting before they can queue again. Like before the GP update it was kinda okay because you could skip divisions if you performed better than everyone in the game right like the enemy top player had 8k points and you had 13k even if 2 people on your team left. That at least rewarded people for wanting to even play the game but now if people leave everyone else just goes afk it’s very annoying.

or even like if they leave a game maybe they don’t lose any gp they just have to play 5 full quickplay matches instead of waiting 5 minutes and if they leave again within 7 days it goes to 10 then 20 and so on (:(:

and HONESTLY if people just afk walk around it’s wayyyyy better than them leaving because it’s still a 5th body in the game that some people will still waste time shooting at

don’t discourage people from habitually leaving discourage them from leaving at all it happens way too much

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It should be a whole Rank/Tier plus a ban as well as severe Coins deduction.

Triple whammy.


Problem is that staying isn’t useful mostly, A trashing makes very little difference in GP compared to a 180-178.
You add extra points for a close loss you’d entice more people to stay without draconic punishments.
That being said it’s called rage quit for a reason and draconic punishments will just have more people leaving also.

Also I left 2 FFA games in a row as I was going for the win and didn’t want any GP towards the next rank if I didn’t win.
Still got at least 15 mins suspension, I assume it escalates ?

At this point they need people to play, so they can’t go bonkers banning people for a long time or forever. I play the boom shot playlist today and it was four against me and another guy for 2 rounds. The other guy quits at the end of first round , Second round is me against 4 so I had no choice but to quit.

Easy fix.

Just form a team & problem solved.

Might sound rude but it’s blunt.

There’s lfg, use it.

If you can’t do that then don’t even bother playing king because you’re asking for a really bad time.

That’s why I hate TDM now. The other half of my team is so incompetent.

Agreed. Its high time we brought back “tar and feathering”. And I mean that quite literally.