PLEASE - Add Penalties/Bans For Horde Quitters


I love this game. I put in 90+ hours into horde and multiplayer. I’m sick of horde quitters. I literally start a match and it’s replaced with AI. I’m in a match and people leave by wave 7. It is like this in Gears 4 too. Please do something about it.

Also, please allow new players to jump into any game, not just custom. This will help loads.

I hope Coalition reads this forums. @N0DEZER0

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Never gonna happen.

It wouldnt be much of a problem if they added drop in/out in regular horde and not just custom


Nah. I play horde once in a great while to get some challenge or something, but I have no intention to play out the entire thing and devote hours.

If you’re serious about beating all 50 waves, look for a group. Expecting randoms to do that is silly. Hell, plenty of them can’t even finish a ranked match, let alone horde.

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The adhd COD generation.

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In a fairness wolf is right, some ppl don’t wana play it but are forced to for rewards they want, i can totally understand stopping something you don’t enjoy once your target is achieved, red is right, drop in n out is needed across the board not jus custom so those bots get replaced


Use @N0DEZER0 if you want TC to see your post.

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I suggest custom. I never play match making anymore for reasons you stated. People tend to leave the lobby when they see their favorite char is taken. Instead of letting the match start then quitting when they don’t get what they wanted.Horde also takes a considerable investment of time to go from 1 to 50. I don’t have that amount of time every time I turn on the game so is my option to not play gears because I don’t have +3 hours to spare? If I only have time for say 30 waves I shouldn’t be punished. Especially when someone else can join in. It would be nice if we had a 20 waves option like the events.

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My issue with Custom is it is not as busy as it used to be. There are tons of 1-2/5 slots going on for ages. :frowning:

Host your own lobby an state in the description the goal, say 1-50 ppl only please, it may take 10-20min to fill the lobby granted but thats nothing compared to the constant time wastes of public, also i start my lobbies on 3-4 players if lower than mid dif simply cuz ppl leave the lobby if you hang on too long, let ppl join 2-3 waves in, they almost always do.

Also, if waiting for a full lobby leave 20-30 secs free after last spot is taken as the 5th player may leave if they needed that time to change char quick, or they may leave immediately, but no longer really or everyone goes cuz they suspect your AFK lol

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Ive never had a match made group do 50 waves above advanced though.

Penalties DON’T work here and won’t STOP anyone from QUITTING if they want to!

The only penalty that did work was the guy who got a 2 year ban for quitting 18 out of 21 ranked matches in a day lol

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Ok,one person quit to much and got a ban,but if a player has to quit 75% or more to get a ban then few people will get banned,most players who quit most likely don’t quit offen enough to get a ban but just offen enough to anoyne other players.

A ban isn’t fair , the devs need to make an easier join in and play option to stop people quitting after 20 kills with swarm grenadier.I avoid playing horde most of the time just because I don’t want to quit on people, but the amount of time i’m the last to leave has gotten to me.
I had an idea the other day about a separate horde playlist that just goes waves 1-10 over and over where people could drop in and out, get the tour of duty stars they wanted and leave.

You are literally asking TC to kill horde

Maybe. But there has to be a solution or incentive for not quitting. Quitting horde kills horde itself too.

Maybe if they let you play your character than less people would quit. I personally quit whenever it changes me from EMILE, JD or Kait. I don’t like playing any of the other characters because they force character skills on you instead of letting you choose your own from a pool of all skills like in Gears 4.

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