Please add beast mode

If it does get added, maybe they should let you play as the swarm and the infected DeeBees and normal deebee’s, and heck maybe even the locust on like some event for beast mode.


I miss Beast mode. It could have evolved into an even better style if they would have continued it

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I hope they change their minds and step up their game, because they said in a stream that they couldn’t do it.

I would love to see a version of beast in Gears 5, the mode was unique and very fun it just needed that extra something to push it over the top.

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I don’t think Beast Mode would work with the enemies we have currently. Gears 3 had three games worth of refinements before Beast Mode was implemented. I’m hopeful we’ll see it again in the future.

That is incorrect. Please read my most recent post in this thread for proof: Beast Mode Returned?