Please add "apply to all/selected" button to customization

It gets really tiring equipping a skin to all guns or a Banner to all characters(or whatever it may be) it’s such a simple quality of life request that would make it so much easier. Just a button that you can press for a customization item that will apply to all. Or maybe “apply to selected” and you get a check list of what you want to apply the customization to. You listening @TC_Octus ?


Agreed. I thought surely (and due to “community feedback”) that they would get this right in 5. But not only did they not implement this feature, they ALSO took a step backward and made it impossible to equip both swarm and COG with different load outs.

If you want black phantom for COG and something else for swarm, tough luck dude. Gotta change it again. One weapon at a time.

Um hello?

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Agreed, ridiculous

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