Please Add A Block Player Option

Some kid is harassing me and ■■■■ posting everywhere


Go to his Xbox profile and block him. He won’t be able to send you anymore messages and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t ever see him in a public match again.

If I block a player on Xbox will it block them from the forums as well?

I don’t think so.
Believe me, I wish it did.
I don’t get harassed much but I also have zero patience for that unnecessary crap.

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At best you can mute the user so you won’t get any notifications from him on the forums.

To do this, click your profile avatar, then click the gear icon and proceed to notifcations.


Then add the users you wish to ignore in terms of notifications. (this wont actually make you stop receiving messages to you however).


Also, if he is also constantly harassing you on forums, just PM a forum mod and they’ll take action.


You can try to report on Xbox Live , now there are strict rule for such things like chat, voice chat, misbehavior, early quitting etc and may be other things too, you can read and report accordingly.

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This is needed because more often then not you have someone this is inactive, poorly skills, or intentionally throwing the match. This will make everything less stressful. At least have it to where you can avoid someone being on your team for a week.

I think it’s _necessary _ to have an option on the user’s side to exclude crap connection abusers and high variable ping players from matchmaking. They are the real offenders not the people who refuse to play with them and quit unplayable lobbies.