Playlist with wall bounce cancel disabled

Just a general question .would you guys be willing to try a playlist that has the wall bounce cancel taken out . Testing playlist.


No! Dam it Coalition No! No! No!


It was called gears 1 and ue.
Well technically u bounce off wallz in 1 and ue cause u have to comitte after hitting the slide button. Gears 2 and up it is a wall slide cancel technically i would think if u dont touch the walls. Or cover bouncing…lol

@GhostofDelta2 please close this thread


I agree.



Just play Gears UE man. I’d be on that too but I’m not buying an Xbox just for that,.

You’re not going far enough. Wall cancelling should be removed entirely, or maybe just restrict it to Arcade with all the other joke mechanics like Lancer headshots and auto-generating power weapons. Let the majority who want a more tactical, realistic experience (i.e., GOW roots) have all the other modes.


That would be hysterical. Make it so !

Agreed. Wall cancelling doesn’t even make sense. How can you stand up mid slide and then immediately begin a new slide with no prior momentum? It defies the laws of physics. Yes, it’s only a game, but still.

Bring back the more tactical gameplay from Gears 1.

Inb4 “you just don’t like it cuz u can’t do it”. No, I can do it and kill people doing it all the time. None of that is relevant.


I sooooooo wanna middle-finger-blood-spray you right now


Change the title to “Playlist with all the wall bounce nerfs you added in gears 4 and 5 removed”

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You’d have to get a kill on me first.

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every time you bring in a new mode or playlist it splits the population down making it take longer to find players.

now you’re suggesting an entire playlist with no wall cancels? if you doing that might as well make a playlist with no roadie running, or no power weapons while your at it. I like 30min wait times for matches.

You do know that technically, unless you were on ice or had small wheels under your shoes, traction would effectively make cover sliding impossible? Physics never seemed to be much of a concern for Gears, so I’m not sure how valid of an argument it is.

And I’m not trying to argue about anything here, couldn’t really care less about wallbouncing even if I think it looks really stupid, not playing Versus. But considering physics for a move that outside of certain specific conditions seems physically impossible is… well, it just seems strange to me.


Not asking for a totally new playlist. Just a highlighted one . Just like the new Free for all playlist once it goes into rank .

Imagine a FFA where everyone just bot walked.
Oh boy I can’t wait


It’s called Call Of Duty… It’s waiting for you… Go grab it, it’s yours!


I would love that