Playlist Splitting: How should it be done in the case TC already wants it and has their mind set?

When splitting up groups like gears 4 may or may not already done; these guidelines if followed made them not totally separate…but separate but equal and not in qualms. How do you achieve this? by not making the game feel like separate games, by sharing something common like unique to gears like wall bouncing that stays the same between the split created. By not including stuff that gets in the way or takes away from the fights you only find in gears of war. By Keeping things expected to stay the same, that makes you be able to do the same thing between each split.
These are the things that must remain the same wall-bouncing, damage spread, distance, damage within these parameters. ( which all includes, speed, and protection of characters and weapons- the obvious, such as move the same, look the same, sound the same ) why? b/c you don’t want to get worse at one via switching.
These are some of the way’s I see some exceptions for the above set of rules; and that is making it all basically the same set of rules, for the following idea:
spread of bullets hitting, is wider to make damage, but decreasing further from the barrel. with any weapon you can get a head shot one shot one kill; you have to line the cross hairs touching head to get a head shot, but the body and everywhere else has a more spacious hit box (OVERWATCH levels) to hit in order to get the normal damage if within the range of the normal distance w/normal distance guide lines. and beyond the normal damage w/normal distance damage guidelines; the damage is a lot less like 2x or so as if just a ‘nick’, which makes there a beyond reach hit damage zone, and hit damage zone; caused by distance. I see this as influencing the close up fights more in each split created, yet also balances it differently, because the other one would be no OVERWATCH like hit box for any of the weapons, which could work different for the shotgun as opposed to other weapons in this split idea; which then again may work, w/out working it different for it too.
PS: If you think you read this before it’s because I copied and pasted 1 paragragh from my other created topic thread.
PS: let me just emphasize that head shot hit detection remains the same for both splits