Playlist specific challenges?

Things like (just making up numbers):

KOTH/Escalation: get a 1000 caps and 1000 breaks in a season

Guardian : get 100 kills of a leader and 250 kills AS a leader, in a season

Dodgeball: bring back 500 team mates in a season

TDM: 1000 kills in a season

Execution: 250 kills in a season

Things whicg demonstrate skills and abilities within each playlist. Sure, mostly kills, but for koth and escalation, it’s more then that. Maybe add kills of enemies in a ring, as a separate challenge…

The diamond scion is for the elite only. Most of us will just ignore it. Ruby scion is for blowing bots away… how about some stuff between those extremes, actually customized for the different playlists?

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I wouldn’t mind challenges like this for achievements or unlocks of skins / characters.

Or milestones within the game - so after the first 1,000 ring captures, it goes to 5,000. Then 10,000 etc

Should get maybe a XP boost too :+1:

I remember in Halo Reach there used to be daily, weekly and monthly challenges. Dunno if subsequent Halo games have them anymore but I’ve always liked that idea. With GOW it coyld involve XP and credit rewards. Perhaps Gear Packs or non-craftable skins could be given out for the harder or more time consuming ones? Some food for thought for TC to consider in GOW5.

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Yup these are good ways to keep the playerbase more active and generally entertained. I know they won’t do it in Gears 4, but I hope they do. And I really hope they do more stuff like this for Gears 5.