Playlist not showing up and server can't be allocated in private

Is anyone else having issues right now?

I have this issue a few times a year where it won’t show me the playlist, it just shows the ironman search option for horde, but nothing like normal, hardcore, frenzy or anything like that, the list for matchmaking is just empty and if I try to start a private horde match it says it failed to allocate a server.

Usually a game restart fixes it, but I’ve restarted it 3 times now, logged in and out of my profile, checked for game update, restarted my pc and I’m still having the issue?

Can’t even join other people’s game’s, as soon as they queue up for something I get disconnected from xbox live.

I’ve noticed the game has been pretty janky for me since last night. It takes roughly 25 seconds for an option to process and the voting screen gets delayed. It’s working a little better for me today but who knows.

Is that on pc or xbox? I first thought it was a gears of war pc issue but then also being unable to stay in a party of other users by it disconnecting me from xbox live made it seem like somekind of networking issue.
If more people have it that would make more sense.

I ran out of ideas, I logged out of the game, xbox app and windows store, then completely shut off pc, restarted, started game directly, not via store or xbox app, logged into xbox via the game and still couldn’t see playlists or join my friends.
Uninstalled the game and reinstalling to see how that will affect it.

Sorry I forgot to clarify. It’s on Xbox.

Yea I saw some more posts about people having servers issue the last 24 hours, maybe pc users are being affected in a different way.