Playlist Idea - Thoughts?

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to share an idea for a new Limited Time Playlist. Be aware the idea behind it is assuming things run smoothly.

To encourage people to squad up in a team like setting while on the back end bringing awareness to competitive 5v5. The playlist would REQUIRE stacked teams of 5 to queue into a playlist vs other stacked teams of 5. To ensure the playlist is populated it would run only certain times of the week at a specific time and date. (EXAMPLE Wednesdays at 5pm PST thru 8pm PST) in that time teams would be ranked up against similar teams BASED ON WINS. After each match the idea is to quickly search for another match with as little to no downtime as possible to ensure the highest chances at match WINS. (More Matches = More chances at Points = Higher Chance on leaderboards). Losing a match would just mean you dont gain a match win point. At the end of the time the team(s) with the most points win an exclusive skin that cant be obtained any other way (Behind the Scenes Tiebreakers can be coded in if needed to go down to round count). This could be a bi-weekly or monthly thing with seasons for chance to imporve settings and reset to keep the top teams on top. Also you have to keep the same 5 players in that time period to continue to add points because points save to a team.