Playing with aim assist "off" last few days. This is what ranked should be like, IMO

I don’t, honestly, at this point, expect TC to do ANYTHING, I think they are lost in the woods without a compass, so this is purely just to us, here, to have a fun, non-confrontational chat about this…

NOTE: i am under no illusions that when you go into settings and turn aim assist “off” it actually turns all aim assist features OFF, so please, don’t respond to this with the common TC yell of “you NEED AIM ASSIST IN A CONSOLE GAME.”

I am talking about turning it “off” only in the sense of going into the settings and selecting the OFF option - I’m sure that only reduces it, it doesn’t turn everything off.

So I tried playing with it off for few days now, after someone posted how better the gnasher felt with it off. I was curious.

I played Horde, I played Escape, and I played Versus.

It was little harder to down opponents with the Lancer, which I think is a good thing.

It wasn’t so effortless to pop heard with the Boltok, which is a good thing… I had no problems downing people with it.

I didn’t find any difference in using the Torque, I was still able to stick people pretty well with it.

The biggest difference i felt was that it was (FOR ME) much harder to gib enemies when we were dancing around each other in point blank range… Many times I would think I hit someone, get pissed off, clip it, watch it after, and see, no, I actually missed… So this is a GOOD THING… I really didn’t appreciate it, until now, just how much that aim assist being “ON” did for you…

It really made me want to work on things, for the first time since F5 launched… Lancer wasn’t so over bearing, and gnasher actually took work…

I remember Ashes saying early on that Lancer wasn’t a problem in Escalation, it was the aim assit which made it into a problem, and without it (which means with it reduced) it was fine, because most people couldn’t lancer you across a map without it… I think I totally agree with that…

I’m not a sniper, so I don’t know how this would affect longshot/Embar, but if it meant you needed more skill to pop heads, hey, that’s a good thing, I thing…

I understand and SUPPORT the desire to bring new people in, and to help them get used to Gears without getting them killed over and over… But I disagree that this hand holding has to be in RANKED…

So how about this:

  • We have Arcade Tuning - this is where new people can go to first meet Gears weapons and characters, in some non-sweaty way…

  • We have QuickPlay and Coop which lets them meet the actual Gears PvP environment, but with aim assist “ON” to help them get up to speed on thing…

  • We have Ranked, which has the same tuning as above, but with aim assist setting “OFF”.

  • And we have Tournament tuning, which is purely between TC and the Pros, and it’s available in private matches…

If they did that, I think I would be ok with the weapon balances how they are now. On my wish list: reduce gib range a bit, buff drop and boom a bit, those honestly, if they turn aim assist “off” in ranked, I’d be fine with how things are now… Ohhh, wait - no! Chainsaw on B!!! :slight_smile:


None of this matters when you consistently do 3+ hits for 99%.

Like clean hits.

See all the solid white pellets.


TC even added a troll 69%.

Hit detection and ranking system need to be priorities and should have been fixed well before now.


The hit detection is horrendous especially in KOTH. I think there is so much action in that mode that many shots are being lost in the bug filled net code.


I don’t know why a triple A dev with a multi million dollar budget who has spent years making UE, 4 and now 5 can’t even get hit detection right.


This is what I’ve been saying. It’s hard to a gauge a weapons tuning when there’s aim assist that help you 720 no scope 4 point me or if I come out of cover for two seconds ( even if I avoid up a so I’m not locked into an animation) I’m nearly downed across the map by the lancer

Every shooter basically has aim assist. That being said 2v2 and Escalation both have no aim assist. I see plenty of people that cant make their shots even with aim assist. I wouldnt mind personally if its off but overall it doesnt really offer any advantage unless you turn it off and put yourself at a disadvantage by choice.

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This is the whole point of what he said

I turned it off the first opportunity I had. Shotgun is much more responsive and I’m not fighting my controller as much.


Yeah except I dont agree that aim assist helps anyone as much as OP believes. I still see people always missing their shots and getting outplayed in other ways.

I expressed the same sentiment pre-lancer nerf while I was playing Execution back in October. It didn’t feel bad at all. It’s always been the maps for me but even those didn’t feel particularly awful in Execution because the weapon spawns are different and strong vantage points are almost irrelevant.

All for aim adhesion off in all rank modes for sure.

I can only speak for myself. I definitely see a big difference in very close/point blank fighting (with bots). Withaim assist off I miss a lot of shots which gib with it on…

I don’t consider that a bad thing, in fact it means there are things to work on.

What this tells me is there is a higher level of personal/individual skill available/required with aim assist set to OFF in the config. Which is good. Aim assist on, with a huge gib range dumbs that part of rhe game down, IMO.

Maybe @Drinkands_im is already at the higher level of skill, sos he doesn’t “need” the aim assist on land shots, in those situations. And sure, there are plenty of people who will miss shots even with AA on…

Aim assist means you just need to get “close enough”,

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I do have good aim and played a lot of 2v2 in Gears 4 which doesnt have aim assist anyways. Im just saying i know people that dont have good aim and even with aim assist they dont make their shots and it doesnt improve their rank.

Yeah, like me.

3 hits. 99%.

2 hits. 3%.

4 hits. 69%.

1 hit. 83%.

6 hits. 96%.

2 hits. 1%.


Lol gotta love this game. I love when torque bow makes hit sound then explodes on the ceiling.



This is the worst.

Think you’ve stuck someone.



Yea you’re talking about the people that play 30 30 30 and gotta go fast. I don’t see how you can say it doesn’t help when if you drag the lancer while on a target the crosshairs slows down on the target. You’re getting more shots in than on your own merit. You can up your sensitivity and not have to put as much effort to line up shots as someone that has it off while being able to react to more on your screen.

If you are talking about noobs getting a few lucky kills sure. Thats about it. I play with noobs everyday both friends and randoms, and they are getting wrecked.

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I agree with you. But this beating a dead horse. There have been alot of us tht want it removed or turned off.
They should have it in arcade. I have yet to play it n never will. Srry i like the regular pvp vs

The game does play better in exc and Escalation. Id wish they turn it off in 2 v 2 also. Tht js basically my game mode now. Especially with no ranked dodgeball

It is off in 2v2.

Arcade isn’t Regular pvp? Yeah right. People are playing arcade blitz like its a dam ranked koth match. I’m talking money on the line mentality. Opposite of what TC intended for Arcade.