Playing ranked with noobs

What else I can say, playing against diamonds with a team with no reups


Lol welcome to Gears 5 where if you are still playing our game, you won’t be for long.


LMAO!!! Now that’s a good one!

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Every game it happens to me. & my rank gets effected because of it. I grind for hours to be perfect … then I get a team like this & I lose all the point I grinded for.

TC doesn’t know what they’re doing. I don’t mean to be rude when I say that, but they don’t. I honestly don’t think they play their own game or the past gears games.

Gears doesn’t have the same feel. But I’d gladly play it if they fixed the ranking system… the game is awesome, don’t get me wrong… but then you get this instance & it ruins your gaming experience when you’re penalized for not being able to carry a bunch of bots when playing a high ranked team.

It’s literally impossible to carry anyone. Gears is t made to carry but don’t say that out loud or TC might here you…

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This is one of my major problems with this game. I am genuinely enjoying ranked KOTH when I have an even match, but then I have games like this where you just have to accept a loss because you’re the only onyx/diamond/master player on your team while everyone else is bronze/silver and you’re facing a stack of onyx or higher players.

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Reup 9 is pretty new too tbh.

Ffa is the only playable mode :grimacing:

Reup 9 isn’t new if it’s pvp. It’s a grind to get any exp on pvp. From a guy whose played over 2,000 total pvps & I have double exp I’m barely level 11.

Maybe in horde or escape you can level like crazy. But not all of us like slaughtering bots. No offense.

For real, no joke…

Even the most dedicated are either gone or soon to be gone. This dumpster fire will only last so long if they don’t fix the horrible lag issues. But it’s difficult to see that ever happening because they pretend they don’t even exist in fear their Mexican fan base will be left in the dust.

Note to TC: Just because you ignore it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

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Looks like smurf to me.

You know, people with suspension or already Diamond.

Idk why they make you play back spawn when you have green players on your team.

This is why i cant surpass the terrible bronze rank…smh. and yet sooo close out of that sespool

believe me, they weren’t

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Bronze pairs with Masters all damn day. And even Bronze isn’t an accurate ranking. Gears 5 Ranked means as much as Gears 4’s at this point.