Playing for one shots/head down gib

was looking at one of my twitch vods and realized head downing feels really random lol. I do feel like the person rushing at you will suffer the most but I’ve hit plenty 80% shots on “could’ve been” kills.

I’m kind of conflicted if playing for one shots is worth in this game. I think any decent player will 2 shot down you instead of trying to play for a one shot.

Punishing (ignore the first part, they rolled somehow lol)



Kind of unrelated but I also hate how two shots in this game feel horrible compared to GoW4. All this spread bs with the gnasher tuning really ruined the consistency of this weapon.

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This is why I preferred comp tuning from Gears 4. The gnasher did like nothing outside a few meters so you had to get closer and fight for damage. In Core Gow4 and Gears 5 you can just nuke people from a good distance and 2 shot down. Ill always prefer the clusterf*ck kinds gameplay, like everyone piling up and fighting with Gnashers which is why I liked the comp warmup playing in Gears 4. Everyone in that playlist were pretty good players and would all pile up in the hill with shotguns, it was such a fun time.

And that second clip was so bad, the dudes not even really looking at you. Hopefully in Gears 6 the net code is better so whats happening on everyone’s screen can be a little bit accurate lol


Comp warmup really did attract some of the best players. I sometimes would see pro players there too lol.

Yeah it’ll always be an issue I think but lets hope it’ll atleast be better in 6. Its something we ALL have to go through.

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Get worked

The vast majority of kills are gnasher chunks, whether you’re playing for them or your opponent is playing for them — someone is going to get chunked. It kneecaps the skillgap horribly and turns the game into a glorified quicktime event.

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But the clips

Would be nice to hit the leaderboard screen quickly after getting gibbed.

I do but mostly to check how negative I am.

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Lol. Not worried about negative.

Was curious about the “p” word.

Depends on opposing players movements for me. That usually dictates what I go for.

I get badookied on all the time tbf

crossing out the names prolly wasn’t needed but whatever

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Guy with 70 ping did that.

Lag comp has no effect on the game.

Yet I see it in clips and playing constantly.

Thanks man.