Playing control with randoms is horribly miserable-the leaderboard system is terrible

The experience with random teammates in control is awful. Hardly anyone marks opponents. Why?

97% of them.only use their gnasher. as the opposing team approaches. You do damage with the Lancer at range and gnasher close. I dont understand why they dont wanna get them low before they get there. On top of that, coming out of respawn and seeing opponemts running toward our surviving team members, they never pull the lancer and try to do damage and supress. They just watch and run after them with their gnasher out.

They quit all the time.

They hardly ever rotate first. I cant tell you how often I die bc I rotated early(when next pops up), only to get killed when 3 or 4 of the opponents rotate as well and now im caught in a 3 v 1 or 4 v 1. I get killed , other team takes the ring, and teammates are now trying to overtake them 1 @ a time approaching 3 or 4 people who are lancering with their gnasher.

80% of the time they never go for power pickups. Just let the other team have them.(for the record, most opponents lately have been stacks. 2 sets of 2, 3 stacks, or 4 stacks.

They.dont play like the game is an objective based team game. At all. I cant tell you how often im engaged with one or two players, knowing my other teammate was right.around cover…and get absolutely 0 support. Its like their oblivious. You chainsaw someone, and your teammate is 10 feet away, and he doesnt even watch your back while your in chainsaw animation. Just lets another up and shoot me while he just stands their looking the other way. Players will be in cover and let an opponent run right past them. Ill be standing there ready to help thinking they are gonna engage, and I get surprised as they run right past them and gib me bc they got no resistance from my teammate. Its all they give a ■■■■ about is what they want to do. Screw every other teammate.

The leaderboard system has screwed the objective. Its glaringly obvious. Especially as the Op is in the last 2 weeks. Its all about individual stats. It feels like Im playing Tdm with a ring on the map.

I could go on and on…but I had to vent. Its a terrible terrible experience. I do get a good team about 1 of every 10 matches. 10% is not good. Its awful. Anyone else who solo ques feeling me?


Let it all out, good Doctor.

What you just described is pretty much just random teammates in general for 99.9999999998% of the time. In most cases, a inanimate carcass with a Gnasher would be more useful.

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If only there was a way where you could team-up with friends, rather than rolling the dice with randoms.

Oh wait…


Thats an ignorant comment fam because he probably doesnt have any friends to play with.

I can relate. These days, I solo Q , Sit in party chat with all my boys who used to play gears , and chill.

It be like that.

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Making new friends on Gears isn’t difficult. You simply add the good players in your lobby, and chances are they’ll add you back. I’ve made dozens of friends this way. Not having friends to play With is not an excuse.

agree to disagree.

Because I dont think its that simple for everyone.

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A lot of what said happens when I play with certain people.
(They know who they are :woozy_face::face_with_head_bandage:)

It’s worse when my friends disappoint me.

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I like the other system way better. Leaderboards suck. Reward system is awful. Still a lack of stats. Boring.

All the things you said are pretty much spot on. The thing I find to be very common is that my teammates are not marking anyone or they are not using their lancers at all. And those non-lancer guys tend to run into a ring and just get bodied left and right. So they aren’t doing jack ■■■■. Sometimes I get so frustrated I turn my mic on and remind them to mark and lancer. Of course I’m pissed at this point so I don’t always say it the most polite way.

I feel like I’ve fared a little better with regard to teammates overall. Once in a while I get stuck on a team full of duds and we get smashed but usually the match tends to be somewhat competitive and we generally win a lot more than we lose. I checked a week ago and I had like 90+ wins in Control since Op7 started. I wish it told me my win /loss record though.

I feel you though. It’s annoying when you get teammates who seem as if they have no clue how to play the objective.


I did play solo often but I usually roll with a squad nowadays on Guardian, most I’ve met whilst playing.

The looking for group option is decent and so is just inviting solo folk who were say performing well last game, majority of the time they will join you either in game or party up too.

Never you :white_heart:

(Except when I die DBNO basically the same time you kill the enemy lol)

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eliminate all threats prior to advancing, learned that from Act of Valor

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I’m more valuable than your life. You should adopt that mentality. It’s what holds us back ngl


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Then it must be tough having to play with @TC_Clown

Though he is good at sitting in the hill.


Probably has friends but they know better than to play this dumpster fire of a pvp multiplayer game

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Sorry about Denmark yesterday.

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You just explained my situation.

I second this. :disappointed:

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