Playing Blademaster with Only Regen In Cover

My own strategy is: just don’t, but I’m only a middling player and there are experts on the class here. What are tactics for playing Blademaster effectively with the Only Regen In Cover modifier?

I didn’t try it yesterday myself, but was in a match with a low-level player who largely contributed nothing/negatively. No idea if he/she read & understood the modifier and didn’t have the class high enough to even have the crippled Energy Surge. so I’m sure wasn’t going to stand out regardless. But it made me wonder how even good Blademasters excel with that modifier?

I don’t remember if I’ve tried Protector to know how it’s healing passive works with Only Regen In Cover, so I guess I might also have a similar CQC question there, but I don’t personally really even use the healing passive for that. And Striker, Infiltrator, Execution Nomad I already understand, given how they can heal/keep their momentum.

It is somewhat of a hindrance but with how good Blademaster’s passive is the modifier doesnt really affect the player when mowing through regular enemies. Healing on kills helps with the modifier when killing everything that isnt a boss but when fighting a boss, things that are far away shooting you will get you downed most likely since TOTH isnt healing you.

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I don’t think it’s a great experience since it tends to mess with Energy Surge when you’re not in cover but overall not that big of a deal. At least not with my playstyle for the class.

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Hmm. I feel like I’m too frequently forced to guess (and am often wrong in either choice) whether my next move is that “push too far”, both literally in terms of distance because I’ll lose TOTH damage resistance (or provide too long a window for Elite Drone sniping), but also simply because I can’t be certain I can kill the next enemy at all/in time for the passive to save me.

And to some extent that’s even normally… it just gets exponentially worse with that modifier set where I don’t have a safety margin and can’t leverage Energy Surge. I’m sure a lot of this is just about experience, but man, I just don’t need that stress lol. I’m already fretting about that sold kidney for the $4000 glass mace and/or whether I have a viable enemy chain beyond/back to safety.

I was wondering if there were tips or opinions about having to slow down, play from cover more often or something. But if it’s mostly “normal” kill chains for people, then it suggests maybe my issue is that I’m just not seeing (or coercing?) enemy lineups/clusters well enough regardless of modifiers. I feel like I need some sort of new ‘Eau De Grooouuundddwalkerrr’ pheromone grenade or something to get favorable chains consistently…

I just swap out energy surge for shock chain and it works a little better. I haven’t played on a difficulty higher than advanced or whatever the second difficulty is in probably three seasons, though. I don’t even fuss that much anymore usually…. I play death barrier anchor on beginner like I would a blademaster in public random lobbies.

Most people use both Energy Surge and Shock Chain. What build do you use for Horde? I suspect most of us use:

Blade Dancer
Thrill Of The Hunt
Energy Surge
Shock Chain

They probably meant Shock Shield maybe.

I don’t know for you all but this modifier is top1 in my black list. I usually don’t play them anymore.
On one hand it is a real challenge but on the other I find that it is not really fun for most of the classes that could be played freely in the open.

If I was obliged to play this mod I would choose Anchor or Jack. I tried BM one time and I was a bit lost and overestimated Energy surge effect with this mod

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I use:
Brawler, TOTH, energy surge, and both ballistic deflect cards.

I swap energy surge out for shock chain on only regen in cover because it gives me melee/bleed kill health replenishment at a rapid pace (if/when it’s actually needed). I don’t usually need cover, and I’m not going to be tethered to a wall for ten seconds just for the bare minimum stim and then lose it before I’m out of cover. The deflect cards usually will get me close enough to keep chaining kills without too much struggle.

Blademaster is pretty ridiculous… I pull triggers like four times a game (boomshot bastion shields)—- for me, blade dancer isn’t all that necessary even on inconceivable.

When I do play horde now, it’s certain classes for certain mods. Or play on beginner with any class very aggressively.

There are a lot of people here who like to play very aggressively on Master. And a few extremely good players who rock Blademaster regardless of mods.
I’m not going to tag them because everyone here knows them lol