Playing against diamonds when I’m not one

Why do I keep playing against diamond players when I’m a gold 2


That is all that is left in the player base is Onyx and diamond. Probably 90% of them are Mexican with high ping too.

Chances are, on a GOOD connection, they wouldn’t be diamond/only at all, probably silver


The game believes in you, why don’t you?


I used to hate it but once I stopped playing for rank I started using it to learn and become a better player.


You right

Because belief begets nothing. The result is obvious.

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This is true Diamond speaking, everything else is just faking it. Skills are always skills even when you MVP over Diamond stacked team, even when you lose against talented Golds.

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Its cause the game is balanced and fair :+1:


lol that global chat comment though. you would have got it if goku wasn’t in there

For me when ever I play against stacked diamonds they always spawn trap so its hard to have a good K/D and it also makes it hard to even reach diamond rank in the first place


This is so far from the truth


I don’t think rank means a whole lot in this game, tbh. I feel like the skill level of pretty much everyone playing is already medium to high, and the ranks are just kinda random, in my experience.

I was a onyx 3 at the end of season 3 and dropped down to like Gold 2 for whatever ■■■■■■■ reason. I’m still competing with diamonds, and as long as I can hold my own against them, I’m pretty satisfied.

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For me its different im gold 3 and im keep getting matchmade with silver and bronze players. Hope season 5 radically improves matchmaking

I would like to play with/against people in the U.S. regardless of their ranks. At least then I have a chance of a skill vs skill game rather than connection vs connection compensation match.
So tired of the “jajaja” and emoji spam messages throughout the game.

Those shoddy azure servers have everyone south of Oklahoma and just north of Brazil connecting to the same servers so I have no hope of getting into a match with anyone who speaks English as well (unless they are in Belize, I guess.)


Not in my experience

Well then you’ve probably not played against a lot of Diamonds. I know that region is pretty infamous for bad connection, but you don’t get to that rank off bad connection. Mainly just playing as a team and being better than your opponents is how you get it.

Radically? Honestly, did you EVER see anything gets improved with any of previous updates with these devs?

It’s only constant here, from day one. Practically TC invented when every update means downgrade only. Amazing isn’t it? Yet we still hope…

I suggest playing on social. Never cared about ranked. I can’t stand quitters, and appreciate the bot-backfill, and constant player substitutions.

I also play alone, and social benefits me the best. If you play alone on ranked, you are at a severe disadvantage most of the time.


Honestly, the universe operates on behalf of belief. I know your life is subpar now. Think outside and inside the box. :slight_smile:

I dare you to give yourself 250 ping or something and try to get a better rank than you’re currently at. People may get weird kills every so often while on high ping, but it certainly doesn’t make you a better player.