Players who leave the games should have a ban for days

Look, I am not a proplayer or a tryhard, but if I try to improve in their game cause i’m a casual gamer how so much persons in this game., in addition to the pairing is unfair since the level of skills covered by the system is too unbalanced, I can say that I am Gold 2 and before It was 3 and was going to go up to Onix 1, but thanks to the pairing it went down.
Now the problem of the players who leave because I say that at least a ban of 24 hours or days would be great. Here is the evidence that I am not lying

Then your opinion is irrelevant.

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What about those players who got 2 years ban!? :crazy_face:


It’s definitely an issue that has frustrated everyone. I’ve lost matches I should have won and won matches I should have lots due to quitters. I don’t think you can get rid of it totally. One thing that could be a deterrent is to give you an advance warning for the next time you quit, For instance, lets say someone who has a pattern of quitting would get a notification from XBoxlive that the next time they quit a match they are facing a 7 day ban or 2 week ban or whatever. And the bans could lengthen each time the behavior continues. So the person knows what’s coming if they quit again. The only wrinkle in this is what to do when you get kicked and didn’t actually quit. I’ve gotten kicked a number of times, so I’m curious if there is a way they can distinguish that from someone who quits?


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When did they remove Social Versus? Did I miss something?

Think thats a bit much, but i no why u said it tho (regarding pro players opinion)

He could be on a journey…

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Indeed. Every journey begins with a first step…then trip…face plant…pain…meh…well…persistence is key!

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One suspension for 2 hours, two for 4 hours, three for 24 hours. Now out of the report TAB no more, tc is the most garbage studio, the only one

I think it should be up to 3 timed bans and on 4th quit game should take away 1000 gears points from ranked. It would hurt so much.