Players restart horde for good taps

I’m not going to say if it’s good or bad.

I let you guys have your say on it.


I don’t have the patience for that. I just adapt to whatever spawns.


I don’t mind it either, especially if I’m playing as bm.


All taps are good taps since they provide free money and team health in exchange for taking care of them.


Adapt to tap spawns or finish the run without them because it can be done without taps lol.

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I typically don’t care where the taps are as I find it fun adapting to their locations and figuring out how to set up the base in different places. That said, I have on occasion restarted just to get the taps somewhere where I could try something new lol.


If I’m attempting solo Horde, and on PC, I may restart the match for better taps.

I’ve asked the team when attempting an Inconceivable run with “bad” taps if they were inclined to restart, but no one ever took me up on it.

I would never force it, most of them are on console and I load in much faster on PC. I respect their time. My X1S is atrocious at loading times.


Clocktower boom/drop taps would like a word with some of you. I’m always down to try and make garbage into gold but it really depends on the players.

My pc is much slower then my xx on loading after matches


It’s annoying. I played a Horde match on Reclaimed. Host restarted when taps spawned at top mid. So we restarted and taps spawned in same exact spot.

I say ,just play and deal with wherever they spawn.


I find it annoying. You can complete a Horde anywhere with or without taps. Taps just make it smoother usually and I prefer to adapt the base to them rather than always going to the same spot.


Adapt, drop the fab and move it close to the taps. It is what I do and engineer is my favorite class.

Play in non custom lobby; problem solved. You will also have the added bonus challenge of a level 3 non engineer sprinting to the box like Usain Bolt, picking it up, not having a brief check for tap position and then dragging it off to some obscure location (which usually ends up being as far from the taps as possible) where he promptly builds a sentry. Jack of course is a big help when tap locations are not favourable but restarting is kinda lame.


On Tomb last night, we played Inconceivable, dropping Ultra Power Drain so we could have something of a base. We made like 3-4 attempts. When the taps weren’t in desirable positions, we didn’t quit to lobby but we certainly didn’t sweat to try to keep the game going.

During the attempts the rest of the team experimented with other classes, the consensus was I should stay Brawler as I was doing way more DPS than our usual slayer. That’s fine, we’re very much in Development mode still and I love seeing everyone react to adversity with their own gifts.

I’ll say the Instant Reload and Ultra Ultimate Recharge Time mutators force everyone to play quite differently. You see everyone flexing muscles they never knew they had, playing classes that don’t necessarily need their Ultimate.

Speaking for myself, I like a decent tap and will restart in some maps if it’s right in the middle. But I like to try different setups and maps from different sides. But building in the middle and been flanked from everywhere doesn’t really work on master imo. Sure if it’s in the middle it can be covered from one side and the second tap may be better but sometimes not.

It realy depends on the map and why I like some maps more than other. Sure Master is doable without tap, but I find it more fun to be able to perk and build some fortifications.

Bad tap exemple. Regency in the middle. Very hard to protect no matter what.

Easy maps exemple, Gridlock or Blood Drive.

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Do it all the time. Wish the first tap would spawn closest to where you drop the fab.

That way it would work for people who want to try new/different base locations and for those who prefer playing in fixed locations.

But noooooo… To TC anything RNG based is “skillful” and “deep”


I don’t do it, but it’s the hosts choice.


I agree with you, indeed it’s up to the host. But don’t you think it gets bit annoying if the host keeps restarting the game for a “perfect tap?”

Had this random (was a engineer) host in my game who kept restarting the game for a good tap, unfortunately, he/she never repaired the tap (when needed) :joy::joy::joy:.

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Lol Ironic.
But yeah if it happens too often chances are I will just leave.

It’s another question where there is no easy, simple, straightforward answer, because it’s dependant on a number of factors: map, quality of players and whether you’re the engineer or not.

Engineers will want good tap positions because 1/ that will represent the main source of fabrication power and 2/ they’ll be easier to defend and maintain. Non-engineers won’t generally give a monkeys ball sack one way or the other because they’ll perk regardless of the power situation and thus, it’s not an issue for them.

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