Players Rank Boosting Needs to Stop

Im just saying i havent seen any of my matches with quitters have anything other then zeroes after someone quit.

It’s happened to me at least 3 times.

I’ve noticed if the person quits on my team, I don’t lose any points, but if they quit on the other team, that’s when it seems to happen.

I tend to stop playing hard (since it’s not supposed to count, so I’ll let enemies kill me or do dumb things to mess around) and I lose points.

Well that is odd. Maybe another glitch. You should take a snapshot next time u get it so it can be submitted. Teams shouldnt lose points unless the other team gains points. And i never gain points if someone quits on the other team.


Had a game on Friday in 2v2 shotguns. Guy on other team quit, we finish off the game in the next round, lost 1000 points in that round.

If he stayed, we would have gained about 1000 points since that was what the trend was the rest of the rounds. Gained overall, but punished like a loss in the last round.

I this still exists. I have had teammates quit or get dropped in 2v2 and gained huge points for rounds won and lost very little for rounds lost. This was within the week. I think a lot of people have been exploiting this and similar design flaws since day one.

Points system seems to be not worth the stress, I have had this a lot, players quitting, losing a crap ton of points, even if you did well as an individual. Got disconnected, missed Rnd 2, got back in didn’t even re-spawn, -1456 pts for those 2 rounds. Rnd 2 -1156pts alone. Its laughable, just cant pay attention to the rank, it doesn’t feel to be very reflective of the player you are. I like the old system in G3, just give me wings lol