Players Rank Boosting Needs to Stop

I’m sure by now you are aware of players who have a particular member quit on their team purposely so they can rank boost.

It’s usually teams filled with high-quality players who have their weakest guy quit. These 4 usually win the rounds and gain massive amounts of points while the opposing side loses hundreds and even thousands of points.

If the team wins the first round the guy usually quits in the second. Even if we win the second round and the match we lose points. If we end up losing overall we get shafted big time and they gain anywhere from 500 to 2000 points depending on their rank.

There is even plenty of posts in the Gears group looking for players to manipulate this. Something needs to be done about it.

I’m not the only one who has noticed this and has been shafted by players. Every player that does this I’m reporting them personally because it’s not in the sprit of the game and it’s a form of cheating.


But this doesnt work anymore, since rounds after someone quits are worth zero points. Plus it is impossible to lose points on a win anymore.


Nope. That’s a huge myth. It 100% works for the opposing team. If the opposing team losing a member and they win they gain alot of points.

If a player on your team quits and you beat 5 man team you gain alot of points.

That used to be true i havent seen it since the update.


It’s happening frequently and I’m not the only one complaining about it so not sure why you haven’t seen it.

Because it isn’t true. TC changed this a few weeks ago.


Even when this was still possible (Operation 1), out of 150+ games I saw it happen maybe 5 times. At high enough ranks the other team would lose anyways and our team would break even.

Lol. No, they didn’t. It literally just happened in a game I was in just now and it’s happened more than 5 times this week and others have also complained about it.

Just because it hasn’t happened to you doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

It’s happened to me after the update. I had a TDM match in which THREE of my teammates quit by the start of round 3. Well… the random and I ended up winning anyways (lol) and I received somewhere around 800 points, pushing me into the top % of Diamond 3.


Yep and the other team would have lost a boat load of points because of it. It’s 100% happening and TC haven’t fixed a thing.

I don’t see how that’s “boosting” in that scenario.

A team of 5 couldn’t outplay 2 dudes? Yeah they deserve a steamy L.
If anything there should be some tweaking where the point pool mostly comes from the quitters, ideally.


Lol exactly. Thats just plain pathetic.

I’m guessing we’re talking about TDM, where dropping a weak player could be an advantage.

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I lost points after a teammate quit two times today. You absolutely can lose points if someone quits.

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In the rounds after someone quit? Or u lost pts in the rd they quit?

The rounds after they quit are supposed to be zero as per TC. Doesnt mean you cant lose pts for the match.

I assumed the same, but even with potatoes just feeding the enemy there should at least be enough coordination to overwhelm the last two even if they were camping with power weapons.

Never underestimate a Zerg Rush.

Rounds after they quit.

Happened to my friend as well.

My thoughts as well.

I’d rather have a teammate running in circles in KOTH than be short a body.

Anything that distracts an enemy player is useful. Even an afk.

I know.

TC said they fixed the flashbang glitch but it still exists.