Player's not understanding how Escape scoring works?

Been playing Escape a lot lately (trying to earn EXP bonuses for hitting a certain low time) and I’ve run into so many types of players, but one in particular seems to be very common: abandoners. They rush as fast as possible to the end without killing enemies, without collecting cog tags, without even waiting for other players (who are doing the former things) when closing the final gate (which begets MIA time penalties).

Are people not understanding how the time system works? They clearly think that how fast you go is the only thing that matters. Sorry for ranting, it’s just been annoying when I’m trying to play correctly for EXP bonuses.

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I suspect part of it, is that some players simply don’t care. They just want to achieve the bronze or silver scores and don’t care about achieving anything higher. I’ve got some friends who aren’t into Escape at all. They don’t even bother to master hives and Escape is just a means to an end to grind for XP or cards (namely The Clock and The Surge), but even then they primarily play Horde. I expect many of these players have tried, but are put off of Escape on higher difficulties because broadly speaking it’s much harder than Horde.

Which hives are you specifically referring to anyway? I’ve seen players on master difficulty rush, but they tend to rush into fights and get killed. I’ve personally not seen them try to run past enemy encounters unless the venom is pushing them - aside from The Descent (which some players treat as a bit of a speedrun); The Clock (ditto depending on the enemy spawn); and obviously The Surge (but this is only really done up to Insane).


The Corruption was the particular hive I was working on tonight. It took several tries, but I finally found a random team of people who knew to get the cog tags and to mark/kill as many enemies as possible while running to the end. I’m not working on higher difficulties yet because I want to get the hang of the layout first, but I was aiming for sub 25:00 since that rewarded 5000 EXP. I’m still a new player.

I must admit, I don’t play Escape on lower difficulties so have no idea how these players approach it. I suspect it may be partly due to the influence of The Surge which is basically a fast run through from start to finish with minimal fighting.

Even on harder difficulties, I find that alot of players don’t mark enemy targets as much as they should. Some players do it religiously. Even on master runs, at the end of a game I’d look at the score board and players will typically have either a tiny number of marks (under 5) or a large amount like 50+).

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I believe there are noobs who think simply finishing fast as possible will net them the best time. There’s also plenty who kinda get it, but don’t completely understand the scoring system and will get upset or leave when asked to do things a certain way. If the weekly calls for a certain time that’s difficult to achieve in the average random lobby, then it’s best to team up with one other person from your friends list who you at least know understands what’s going on.

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The one that really grinds my gears is people who do this on Beginner. Frustrates me to no end when the bonuses are time based and I don’t like the modifiers for the day on higher difficulties.

There is no way to get the bronze time on Beginner for most maps without actually killing enemies and getting the COG tags due to the 30 minute penalty

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They may be doing that for a daily(complete x hives) and its quicker than looking at the lobby browser. Selfish yes, but people gonna do what people gonna do.

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Yea, a lot of ppl just don’t care and rush to get it finished ASAP. I know some maps can reward the base reward if you sprint to the end, but not always. Also, think of this… a lot of ppl are already done with getting the daily reward(s) and now they’re just going for extra completions to get the extra cards.

As I’ve gotten in the habit of using escape to complete most of my daily challenges, I do try to rush through a map on occasion. If I get annoyed by having a teammate intentionally shoot me constantly and remove my stim, I’ll take off and abandon them, trying to get to the helipad and get them locked inside the hive.

I’m not sticking up for the rushers, but I realize why it can happen. I’m just sharing possibilities as to why it might happen to you.

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I mean I’ve tried it 3 times and still don’t know what deducts time. They explain nothing about it in the game. No kind of tutorial whatsoever. Only way to see is to look at match summary? No thanks. Was a promising game mode but lack of info and explanation makes it not fun

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To be fair, explaining a scoring system is probably a bit much. I mean, I expect alot if people skip over other things which are more relevant like the help boxes that pop up; or descriptions for classes and skill cards. Are people really going to bother reading about a score system? Doubtful.

The score board indicates what things are scored - kills, executions, marked kills, headshots, COG tags… it’s signposted.

They explain it all in a menu you have to press select to access. I was surprised when I found this too.

They don’t tell you meatshields count as executions though. New players coming in from PvP wouldn’t realize that, as that hasn’t been the case in that mode for a long time. I didn’t realize it for quite a while, actually.

Well, the only escape i play is Surge and then my goal is to get it over with as fast as possible to get my starts for finishing eacape chapters (or cards)…

They actually count as a double kill. Breaking a meatshield’s neck can trigger cards like Intervention.

If this it true, then it doesn’t count in PvP or Horde, because I’ve tried meatshielding people for a daily execution challenge and it didn’t count, while it did in Gears 3.

Very inconsistent if true.