Players need to share ammo please

Some players just need to stop being too selfish and give everyone the chance to share ammo please. Just recently when I was playing as Kait on horde (reclaimed), got the MVP on wave 4, killed majority of drones and leeches, yet I see cog gear & Clayton picking up both of the ammo boxes from wave 4/5 even though they only had 1 kill each on wave 4 and bare in mind I only had gnasher as my main weapon because we didn’t had the engineer in the game (for overkill). As the waves progressed, I still see cog gear & Clayton picking up ammo boxes although I was doing the hard work for the team, at that point I thought I’m not going to bother with these selfish players and left the game immediately.

Instead I decided to do some runs on escape (clock) so I could get more cards for Kait and excatly the same thing happened when I was playing on reclaimed, Paduk and Keegan picked up all the ammo boxes in the first room, leaving me with few shots on the gnasher.

What happened to sharing ammo boxes???


Probably because they’re ignorant and don’t know any better…

Regardless if you are playing with teammates like that just back out and find another lobby with more compassionate players :slight_smile:


Well, in horde then yeah. Sucks when someone hogs the ammo boxes. Even more so when they don’t understand that a knew one will spawn at the end of the round and they just stand there waiting to pick up the old one…
If there’s no engineer then invest in a weapon locker as soon as you can.

Escape, if others grab all the ammo then they get to do all the killing. I’ll hang back and they can carry me while I watch cartoons on the other monitor :stuck_out_tongue:

Just sounds like typical randoms. But to not give Kait ammo in The Clock is just beyond me.

But having a good Baird with weapon locker boost normally cancels that’s out. When I play as Kait I normally stay around ammo while everyone else gets weapon lockers.

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Paduk should have picked up hammerburst and gnasher and looted the whole room and dropped the hammerburst for keegan and gnasher for kait, that way Paduk gets full boltok too… or he could grab markza instead to help out with his fearful headshots and markza card etc.

My general rule is the boltok holder loots the first room unless it’s kat with the snub pistol damage card on that’s fine too.

You have to really be careful with this, some host don’t like this playstyle. I only recommend doing this when no other teammates are in the room, or if you’re playing with friends. I kicked a Kait out in Escape from doing this because she didn’t drop anything for us, just went in their and grabbed everything and left.

Why Paduk? I haven’t used him so don’t know his pros and cons - does he have a double ammo card or something?

Playing The Clock on Master with selfish randoms is the reason that Cole was my first maxed card character.

He has a stun card that works with Boltok headshots.


Now that it’s possible for all characters to build lockers I no longer care about the ammo boxes. It’s a sizable investment yes but it’s worth it, as long as your teammates can keep their hands off your stuff in the locker. Unless there’s an engineer in the match, then I’ll deposit and expect to have lockers built for the entire team within a reasonable time,

■■■■ people who can’t follow the meta of dropping it all. One looter only.

Some absolute idiots on horde but are we surprised? :rofl:

Your mistake for joining a lobby with COG Gear in it.

Well said mate :roll_eyes:

I had no engineer in that game. We had JD, the host. He demanded everyone to deposit which everyone did. And he upgraded his locker for his GL which I understand and I don’t have problem with that. It was the selfishness from my team, cog gear and Clayton that made me quit the game.

Well, any character with a Boltok really! The Boltok is the most high damage pistol so this is a way of maximising ammo across the team (if one player, especially Boltok users, pick up two weapons, then all ammo boxes, then drops one or both weapons for team mates to use).

I wouldn’t make too many assumptions about specific character cards for specific weapins - we just don’t know whether they are using that card or not. Paduk has skill cards for the Boltok, Gnasher and Markza, but there’s no way of knowing if someone is using any of them or not. I think for some characters it’s more likely they are using X card or Y card, but it’s not always guaranteed. Kait for example is 99% certain to have a shotgun-based build, but some characters like the COG Gear, Paduk or Clayton have more varied builds.

Yeah true, I only ask because I have seen a lot of Paduks hoovering up everything in the first supply room on Clock, then handing my Kait a gnasher. It took me a while to even realise the now-obvious reason for letting one person pick up all weapons and ammo then sharing them out, but didn’t know why Paduk was always the one doing it. But I guess Mac and Fahz would be the same.

I wish Keegan or Paduk did that for me. Instead I had gnasher to pick up with no ammo boxes around :smile:

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Not that long ago today, I played a bunch of The Clock on Master and 99% of those matches only one person went in the first supply and they gave none of us guns, except for a Del that didn’t understand why I didn’t take anything. But, I’m guessing, people either don’t understand about that strategy, or just don’t care, so they take everything since no one else is coming in the room.

When I play The Clock, I really don’t care about any ammo or guns. I just want a Buzzkill in the second act. But that strategy will work if a player(s) can grab everything quick and drop, other then that, the host will kick you because they’ll think you taking everything.