Players missing out on in game cosmetics, fair or not?

Okay, so, I started playing Gears 5 early March which I think was the start the of Operation 3. Of course I’ve missed out on Operation 1 and 2 which included some pretty sick characters and skins I.E;

Glided Baird
Classic Baird
Collectors Onyx Guard skins
Team Rock/Metal skins
Desert armour Del
Fire skins.

Do you guys think it’s fair late players will never be able to unlock these again? Unless they bring out an operation in the future which brings back some of the cosmetics, by the looks of it Op 3 gave us the worst Tour of Duty in terms of rewards. I mean, maybe people didn’t get the chance to get Gears 5 straight away, they may of had personal circumstances to which they couldn’t play Xbox, what do you think? I like Gears 5, but it’s lack of content is drawing players further and further away IMO.

Even the Road to Gears 5 challenge… players who missed out will never be able to unlock Gilded JD/RAAM/Marcus etc, the black phantom weapon skins, and other unlocks from GoW4. May not be a big deal to some people including myself but others have missed out on such an opportunity. First come first serve, I guess, but I think TC should bring back some unlocks for late players, Maybe Op 4 will make up for what others missed out on, who knows. Let me know your thoughts :+1:



lol no


Oh wait… I wasnt alive when there was dinosaurs roaming the planet, u think someone can bring them back for me so i can get a new pet🤔

They skins and such are like a loyalty bonus for ppl that show their commitment to the franchise. Should of played from launch.

But i hope all previous op content stays locked away


If I were you I would stop now and don’t play Gears 5 especially if you are a completionist or there are skins that you want, you won’t be able to get it, there are no second chances.

There is no point. You’ll never get that content that you want and TC will never make it available for you.
It’s just how games are now.

I missed out on the Esports Kait skin because of a small window of opportunity that TC set, it was like 2 days to watch a livestream, I was unavailable due to more important matters in my life. And I missed out on it. I got part 1 of it completed but not part 2 and was not able to watch the replay of the old stream for it.

It pisses me off with the missed content. I hate TC for it and their inept attitude.

With this whole thing of FOMO and starting late into the franchise it just means that the franchise doesn’t want you to be a fan. You wouldn’t be able to catch up and unlock that content that you like because you weren’t here from the beginning.

What you are describing is an incomplete game. Gears 5 is not a complete game by any stretch of the imagination.

When I bought a game like Halo Reach all the unlockables were there except the ones for the store preorder bonuses and LE DLC. But the game was never divided into seasons and the content was never locked forever.
New styles of game design is meant to apply FOMO. But late comers are severely punished and can’t catch up.

TC is NOT like CD Projekt Red where if you bought Cyber Punk 2077 day one or two years from now your content is NOT locked. It will always be there. For Gears 5 that content will never be there for you.

Don’t jump into Gears 5 or you will feel regret.


Welcome to the community :+1:

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TC’s view on money:

Somebody who earned black phantom skins gets to feel special and glad that they earned something that no one else ever will now.
It may feel unfair to just now start playing Gears and not get the chance that you’d have totally jumped on if you started playing sooner. But it might also feel unfair to devalue the hard and timely work of the guy that made sure he didn’t miss the opportunity.
I know that it’s not exactly the same as collectible coins since you could conceivably pay the current value of the rare item and get it even if you weren’t around when the coin was minted whereas weapon skins that don’t get offered again are MUCH harder to acquire regardless of what you’ll willing to invest.
Whatever version of fair you embrace - please note that if you choose to feel like you’ve been treated unfairly then that will sting whereas if you choose to know that it might just be bad luck to be late and that there may be another chance for something great yet different in the future then you could feel excitement instead of woe…


It’s not fair, it’s just ridiculous that some content is for limited time
not everyone has 24 hours each day to grind for tour of duty items

these contenct should not be for limited time, the added content in each opeartion hould stay forever and every player can unlock it and their own pace


Some of the replies to this guys post are uncalled for… Make no wonder the Gears community is seen has been toxic.


Well, GOW4 was pretty much the same with the time-limited release of Gear Packs, and the content was eventually craftable after about a year. It may be that this will happen again in the future (but obviously no guarantees at this stage). I wouldn’t rule it out.


I wouldn’t mind if they made some things earnable again but general rewards like team rock, ronin kantus etc. And the road to gears 5 skins should never be earnable again. It simply shows loyalty. And with gears 5 if you’ve played since launch then you know very well the hell we had to go through.


Even the campaign skins? Skins that are always available or unlocked in previous Gears games?

These aren’t special events. Normal means of unlocking skins shouldn’t be limited time.

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See the only skins I think should be craft craftable in the future are the Campaign skins (from any Gears Campaign so Classic Baird as well) because those never should be a timed exclusive

I think everything else should stay exclusive at least until Gears 6 is out

As for the Road to Gears 5 skins I think those should be exclusive too, same thing if they ever do Road to Gears 6 challenges as those were pretty cool to earn for people who stayed dedicated to gears 4 through its lifespan


I dont think there is any skins to unlock thru playing campaign. We’re also talking about skins in gears 5 not previous gms.

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FOMO is a disgusting tactic and should be called out by players everywhere. MS is no better than EA when it comes to this scummy practice


The only thing I didn’t like about gears 4 was I thrown away my money straight down the drain pipe with season pass. I felt like I was robbed. Thankfully, we didn’t had to pay season pass for 5. Otherwise, I would’ve been fuming.

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There are skins that ARE in the campaign. Those skins should always be available, a standard set by the other Gears games.


So what u MEAN is there r characters that have different skins in the campaign but those AREN’T unlocked by playing campaign tho. Also gears 1 and 2 didnt have different skins for characters, i was just a set of characters from the gm, same for gears 3 i think🤔
So from my understanding u should be entitled to every skin from the campaign? What content would we be able unlock thru the tour then if its all part of the gm on release. Its TCs gm they can release skins as the see fit to do so.

I dont care much for marks n blood sprays, i only want more maps

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More skins that are not in the Campaign itself. Whether you like it or not, by principle the appearance of a character within the story should not be tied to a timed unlock. That just doesn’t make any sense, whether it is TCs game or not.

And let’s face it… with the rushed launch they just threw the Campaign char skins in the first Tour because they had nothing better to put in it to fill it.


Wasnt this how gears 3 was tho thru the onyx medal system? Pretty sure the golden hunter was 1 of the last skins ppl could unlock… Could be gears 2 tho. I would have to check

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