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Players kicked during matches Feb 2020

I am creating this thread as a master thread for this issue.

Merging all related threads.

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I have no idea what you’ve done in the last few days but players who have never been disconnected before are having issues. I was disconnected in a key moment last night and it wouldn’t connect back to Gears services until I rebooted the game (PC). My friend just had the same issue (XBOX One X) where in a key moment it did the exact same thing.

I’ve never been disconnected, ever, in Gears 4 or 5. But all of a sudden somethings going on and I’m not the only one.

@Krylon_Blue I had a weird issue tonight when connecting to torque bow. The mvp winner showed first, then it said a new weapon was on the field. Them it just locked up. I also had numerous lobbies dissolve tonight trying to play KOTH.
@Krylon_Blue @Drinkands_im By the way, do you guys like the new gnasher tuning? I actually had a really good time tonight. It worked. I coukd kill people…it was frigging amazing. And I played on my 24 ping connection. I don’t know what the hell is going on, but I like it.
Lastly. @Krylon_Blue, we really need a way to toggle emotes off…I agree w/you. at least in ranked matches. Its very annoying when that emote wheel pops up and blinds you out of nowhere…

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I like it but only when NO ONE is above 60ms. It’s even more unplayable than the last Gnasher. Two matches tonight and hit markers all over the place but 0% damage. A full clip of Lancer into an enemy and NO HIT MARKERS were registering and this guy from Mexico got MVP and 98 Eliminations. He could shoot through walls for ***** sake. One match where everyone was decent pings and it ran just fine and got an easy MVP. This game is trash. I’m so over it I just hit the Uninstall button.

The Coalition - give up. You’re way over your heads.

Lmfao, I love it.

Dear Disconnection!
Hungarian > English: Fák > Trees, Juh > Sheep

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I’ve been asking for the stupid emotes wheel to be turned off since it was added.

I 've been disconnected 2x this morning - then stopped.
Definitely a broken game if you’re forced to lose all progress and stop for reasons completely outside of your control :frowning:

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I keep getting kicked from matches the last 2 days.

Being kicked. It was a good run. Thanks Microsoft. This is the end.

wait a minute … are you going to off yourself ? or just going to quit playing the game ?

I’m worried.


there’s so man reasons to go on. Tomorrow will be better.
sunshine, rainbows, Gears 6. don’t end it like this.

Played with @jmelia123 @The_Bozzmeister earlier…host kicked on 48 …rest of team on 49…the absurdity of this game just gets better…but apparently we’re toxic…cause we’re not happy this happens regularly…to a lot of peeps🙄


Hi @foosniper

you know what would be great man ? that we play again Gears of War 3 , like before with @jmelia123 and the bozzman @The_Bozzmeister and @Duffman_GB , If you happen guys to play again on saturday Ill be grateful if you could invite me.



Hello mate not available this weekend but will get a game soon


excellent @jmelia123 whenever you are free we can play again of course :slight_smile:

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Im working sat dan…but will defo sort another game with these peeps👍

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yes man without a doubt I think it will rock man :smile: :slight_smile:

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i wish you was toxic rookie:

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