Players ice skstingskating around the map

What is it with some people that move around like they are ice skating?
Ive seen people that seam to skate from side to side, not walking or running. Is this a setting they have changed? Or people using an elite controller that has had the thumb sticks set to very sensitive. I don’t see everyone doing it just a few, its the same tyoe of movement when you are darting into cover but these people are chopping about all over the place.
Im just wondering if this fair or not

@AliceInChainsaw has a great clip of this


Is it wall bouncing that you are talking about?

I thought so at first. but there are those times where you’ll see players slide across the map because of high ping/lagging.
I dunno, maybe he is talking about bouncing

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Ya’ll mean Slide Magic!?

Slide magic is the cat’s pajamas.


Yup. That’s the one😂

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Starting at 2:29 you’ll see me slide a bit, then the very next clip in the montage is similar to the one above.

It’s like incon horde, they take damage and don’t fall

Yeah , this is it. People slidding all over the place, surely this os a hack or mod of some kind???

I was correct lol😂

No hack or mod. It’s the magic of low quality internet.

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Thats just sad :frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face:

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Not a hack just bad connection.

The server is estimating where they should be until the connection come in again. This results in warpy behavior but if it goes to long without a connection hit… This happens.

Somehow they aren’t booted from game as a timeout.

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So does that mean on ocation if my connection times out it would appear im skating around?
If never seen this happen on my screen,
Ive also been killed many times when the other player hasn’t even been looking at me!

In short, yes.

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