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Players for custom private matches

Looking for players that would like to play custom private matches with:

-Set rules (no spawn camping, no lancer crossing, etc.)

-Rotating weapon tunings (snipes, torques, & shottys/ explosive weapons/ pistols & shottys/ etc.)

Versus is fun, but it isnt what it used to be. The social aspect of the game seems to be stripped away by the tier system on Core and Competetive. Everyone just wants to rush spawn, rush the “big” weapon, and get the easy kills for their K/D ratios.

If we can find enough players that still miss GOW 1’s player control custom matches (w/ snipe & shotty battles), maybe we could start a group, grow into a social Gears community, and bring back what initially made Gears multiplayer great.

Would anyone even be interested in an idea like this for Gears 4 and upcoming Gears 5?

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