Players falling asleep at the controller

So this may just be me but I’m experiencing a massive influx of AFK players at the start of the op with comp. Is anyone else having this issue?


I lost motivation to play after two matches lmao

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I played a game with randoms in which we were destroying like 200-50 on control. One of our players decided to go AFK mid-game. He kept on moving to avoid getting banned, he would go into cover and stay afk and we lost the game.

I just wonder how hard it can be to create a Vote-Kick option for this game. This is super frustrating to experience. Let the players have control in-game.


Yeah AFK players should go to Azkaban

what do you think? @grey_mineman


Bruh, no penalty, no ranks, so why not lmao.

im not agreeing with it but instead im saying there is no penalty for doing that.


I know. My mindset is completely different between quickplay and ranked. You play ranked to compete and get better while quickplay is for just goofing off in my opinion


then this shouldnt even affect you honeslty.its QP, it not to be taken seriously.

The post is about comp

i replied about that… lmao.

there no penalty for AFKING… there is no ranks for motivation… thhats my point.

i only replied about QP because of what you said.

The biggest problem with it is having to stay in one of these lobbies until the game is over.

I don’t know about you, but I treat my time as the most precious thing in this world. And I want to spend it in high-quality games, not farming underhanded teams or waiting till the enemy team decides to play objective after farming us.


gears 4 had a leave button when a player left and didnt return. G6 should let you forfeit or leave when the score is at a major difference,

That’ll stop the tbagging, farming, etc.

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Literally had nothing to do with Qp but okau champ

this is what im replying too… lmao you’re losing me here bruh. my 1st reply was about comp.

second reply was referring to this quote above.

I honestly never get players who go AFK. Like why load up any game only to then not play it lol. Hell, anytime my employer calls I either ignore them or answer and say I’m in the middle of Gears and will call you back lol.

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The game is legit boring af. since coming back almost all the games i play are full with bots. the operation is a joke and has nothing worth grinding for. Dead game


I played with a gentleman last night who struggled to get to 1k damage in the match.

Just had someone with 500

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put him on blast? scared to see if it’s someone I know

It was @TC_Clown


Give them a blanket and pillow?

Horde 50s does that to me.