Players dropping from every game of Horde

Literally every public match I join. Everyone is doing well and about wave 20 everyone drops out and it fills with bots who are useless. Look. I know this was an issue in Gears 4 because some scout or engineer didn’t do their job. But this is unbelievable. I’ve never seen it this bad before. 18 games so far and everyone has dropped out. I know it’s because of the forced character/playstyle. It’s made a lot of people salty for very good reasons. I too despise what they’ve done. But I’m still just trying to enjoy the game. But I can’t even do that and it’s day 2 of release. They seriously need to fix this.


100% Agree, Such a disappointment for what used to be such a stellar franchise.


Only managed one game so far. Must have been lucky all team (randoms) still present at wave 50, albeit on the easy mode.

We all know how hard it is to complete games with randoms though, just like any mode.

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People are also being kicked from the game at random waves.

I have “played” 3 games of horde so far;

  • kicked at wave 11.
  • kicked at wave 27.
  • finished wave 50 with 3 bots.

This is definetly true,I did play on Friday afternoon uk time,and I got kicked because of a error,this game has left me very upset,I’m going to give gears 5 a rest,once my mind is sorted out,(I’ll be back)Sorry TC for being negative.which is very rare

That’s yet another huge issue. I’m flat out scared to play any because if people don’t all quit/get kicked. Than I most likely will get kicked before the end. It’s frustrating as hell and kills the fun (What little there is) completely.


thats the issue right there. and i hope its looked into i hate getting kicked constantly

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I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions about why - the Gears servers are really bad at the moment and people are getting disconnected from everything - Co-Op Campaign, Versus, Horde, Escape…

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I made it to 46 today then frozen screen during battle. Its crap for now. They need to fix it. but the Game itself is great and also i like the horde mode changes. Its just a few days after early access release so just needs some Time;)

It was fully released last Friday. I bought it from Walmart. We’re on day two of release.

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I don’t touch public at all after the first few attempts. Big waste of time. I try to find custom games that say “1-50” or something similar and I’ve finished rounds that way.

…Would be helpful if 99% of the custom games listed in the browser weren’t old sessions that no longer exist :sweat_smile:


I’ve had 3 games at intermediate was kicked in the 40s.that was yesterday.
We done 1 to 50 last night on beginner finished with 3 of us. Only because one of my friends joined. One poor lad got kicked 3 times but came back after the first 2.then messaged to say what was going on.
Today the amount of times I’ve been kicked of the actual game to dashboard after freezing is unbelievable.

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I got to wave 48 and my xbox just turned off(This never EVER happened before for anything). I was able to join my friend to get back in tho. One of my friends were kick around the teens but was able to join back,

On my first horde match, I got kicked out in the middle of wave 29. I thought we were going to beat all 50…