Players deranking themselves

I can see why they do it to get put in lower ranked matches but is playing ranked over social matches really worth it? I play social on occasion when its late and hard to find players that actually want to play to win and it gets just as competitive and just as sweaty plus in social matches low ping seems to beat high fluctuating ping, which seems to be a big complaint in this community.

Social puts me in a random pool of gametypes when i just want KOTH, social goes one step further and ruins KOTH with a one round varriant.

So to be able to play the way i want im forced into playing ranked against stacked teams, they need to bring QM back in 5.

Do you do this though? Sit at the spawn for the whole match reloading you gun watching your team lose just to derank yourself. This i can imagine is the only reason to do this as quitting does not derank you as everyone thought it did in gears 2.

Your saying that it is ok to lose on purpose for the rest of your team just so you can go down in rank? That sounds kind of selfish doesn’t it. There is no I in team but thats not the case with team video games. In the video game community seems to be every man or woman for themselves.

The ranking is pretty much meaningless anyway. I didn’t play for months and then finally got a rank of Gold 3. Then I stopped playing again. Won 6 games, lost 3. Came back within the same season a month or two later and now I’m a Gold 1 again. The real kicker is that my friend was pretty much carrying me and the rest of the team. He was MVP every game and he was given a Silver 2.

Seems like it is just a random system for passing out ranks.
The real problem is that the game still favors those with bad connections.

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I dare TC to publish ranks and average ping.

There are some special players out there no doubt, but when you see so many diamond or high onyx players pinging between 95-150? Fluctuating like crazy. Can’t kill them for anything. Chunking me twice the distance of a normal gib. Yea, those guys are good.


Literally nothing like that was said.