Playerbase decline discussion more than an 80% decrease in the player base. less than 1k viewers. Farming sim 2k19 has more viewers. Also the 16th most played game on Xbox.

I don’t know of any other means to look at the player count metrics.

If you are one of the people that quit playing the game what made you quit and what would have to change to bring gears back to a daily driver for you?


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Farming sim 2k19 has more viewers.
This quote made my day

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I quit, it gets borings, slow movement, small roster, needs more maps, more weapon customization. Its not fun to play anymore I just don’t want to play it. Ill play ounce in a blue moon.


Like already said MP is key to long term success of gears and they are :poop: the bed. Eu servers non existent, bullet magnetism, aim assist and op every weapon. 1st major update does about nothing for us mp players .


Farming sim is awesome though…
Besides, I haven’t had the drive to play a Gears of War game since Gears 3.


Viewership is even lower on Mixer.

There’s lots of bad reviews coming out. So people are becoming more and more aware of the state of the game.

Also, the most ironic piece, in my opinion, is the fact that all those streamers that were paid off and given early access and guaranteed slots on servers during tech tests and free stuff all over the place to promote the game… even they don’t play it any more.


I check the most played games on xbox for Canada and usa ,and gears 5 has dropped about 7-8 places in the last week alone

cant imagine how many more ppl leave in the next 2 months before next update

tc are clowns and made the game for ppl who will leave after a month or so or when the next games comes out


They don’t care about maintaining players (or at least players who don’t spend money). The campaign is what sells the game sadly. I bet most people (i.e. not hardcore Gears fans) wouldn’t care whatsoever if there was no Versus.


Small roster, few maps, overpowered lancer. That’s why I quit.
In horde, you cannot purchase certain weapons with certain characters, IA is stupid when working with you, ultimates take too long to recharge, no good rewards when completing the 50 waves.


It makes me really sad tbh, all my friends list quit due to ranked play being unplayable in EU.
Had a go at escape earlier, there were queue’s, usually they are only maybe 15 secs tops, i queued to 5mins a few times before resetting and trying again, so quite bleak in EU, don’t know about ranked as i don’t get paired with EU atm due to the server issues,
all non ranked works fine.
but yeah people are quitting due to the server issues mainly, i know guys are not thrilled about new mechanics of weapons, but i’d settle for working servers first, stop being greedy NA.


Yeah this exactly… They adjust prices ahead of fixing MP issues. It’s not cause they are listening it’s because they aren’t selling stuff as much as they want. Mp should be at the top of their list.


I started with 17 friends playing. I have two left. I don’t like saying it, but I am glad I didn’t have to pay anything for the game.


I wouldn’t say i completely quit, I just only play once a week or less though. The previous Gears I played hours every day. I am waiting for an announcement from TC. When they discuss what they want to do with the online and ranking system, will decide if I come back in full force or drop it entirely.

I don’t say drop it entirely as some kind of melodrama threat either. I still like the story so i’ll still work towards those achievements, I just don’t see the point to play something I don’t enjoy.


Shut up lad, we’re not all finished i still dip a toe…

But then I jump on, play on east coast servers, most games its a weird mix of pings like everyones being rerouted. Doesn’t matter if its a squad of 5 or a solo. Consistently inconsistent.

FTTH 350down/35up
About 150 miles from the old Microsoft server outside dublin.
Gears doesnt see the ocean as a matchmaking problem.


I think it’s safe to say the game released way too early. I had a terrible first experience playing co op campaign with my wife. Too many bugs and disconnects and lag. It was bad. Almost like they didn’t test the game at all.

I can tell they’ve been improving, but the servers are still ■■■■■ and I find a new bug every time I play. Creatively, I really like the game but the poor optimization is what will most likely drive me away if TC doesn’t get their act together soon.

For a AAA game, this is really embarrassing and I can’t defend it in some areas. Feels more like I’m playing an early access indie game than anything.


I honestly feel this game wont last 6 months, due to the issues they keep putting off, the lack of content, and new games arriving soon. I feel like gears is a niche game anyway. They put blocks on movement (delays) that kill the eb and flow of what made gears so successful in the first place. I’ll play for a little while but as of now nothing is keeping me very interested.


I think the biggest problem is a ton of people are really loving arcade, but end up quitting after coming up against mouse players in that mode and getting demolished by rifles. In other modes where gnasher usually dominates play , it’s not as bad. But, a mode that caters so much to rifles and special weapons should never be forced crossplay. Controller doesn’t stand a chance against a mouse in rifle play. Add in the slower movement of Gears 5 and you’re not having a fair fight against mouse users. I had several friends that were never fans of Gears just love Arcade but after being forced against mouse players, refuse to play anymore. Adding an Arcade ranked mode would easily solve this without taking away the quick play crossplay option.

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if only they showed us the number of players in each gamemode


You do know that many, many people only play the campaign, right? Of course there will be a decline of players a month after release.

I have no troubles finding players to play with in the online modes.