Player Sponging it's a myth?

TC devs says that there is not issues for multiplayer .
The next clip i show you how the in-game bandwitch data transfer it’s a joke, a very bad joke.

I had seen with my own eyes how affects character sponging, i have a lot of clips showing 81%, 92% and 99% and 100% damage done to enemy without killing it. This is sponge. (In competitive match it’s worse)

Seems like tere is not dedicated servers for GOW4 multiplayer, seems like 1 player is selected for hosting the matches, this issue of player sponging it’s the worse of multiplayer (ignoring issues with pairing and ranks)
What? Invulnerable players, very low frame chracter moving/ transporting, shootings registering later)

Monday 27th, this month, playing with a friend in the same home:

2 consoles
1 Same LAN
30ms Average for Private Match (No LAN mode)
Optic fiber

Why I sponge a lot of bullets from my enemy??
Blood appearing, but no damageregisterg to me until THEAST shot from my friend in the clip? I was the sponge in this clip


Dear TC:
Which year you will do you performances in the lag compesation/in game-data transfer? There is not dedicated servers until today or, what happens?? Why don’t you supervise how matchmaking works outside EU?


I could provide endless clips of irrefutable sponging if TC actually cared enough to do something about it.


They don’t care. Unplug your ethernet connection and stream long videos to put yourself on even ground.

Buy some e-sports packs.


Just go wifi down the street and you will be compensated for lag which will give you an even playing field and no more sponging since that only happens to good connections.


Well, it only shows how much TC devs suck in multiplayer, if they are not able to register all these numerous online play issues… YET!!!

Come one TC, two years after and you still play like noob???
Go tiger go!!!


It’s because they like marshmallows. ROASTED MARSHMALLOWS. Mmm mmm mmmmmm. Them marshmallow shots to the body are delicioso.

No matter what marketing guff they write for the next game regarding connections/dedicated servers, Gears 5 will have similar sorts of issues with sponging and shots not registering

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Those who oppose Spongebob shall face the curse of sponging in their battles

We definitely all know TC is full of #%*+! Best thing for us as players is to not buy real money packs and if 4 does not improve then don’t buy gears 5. You’ll always have players that will do what ever because they can’t help themselves but most of there paychecks come from weekend warriors.