Player re-up & character level in PvE

Which one is more important to you when playing with other players…

A. Player re-up level: <5
B. Character level: 16+


A. Player re-up level: 15+
B. Character level: <9

Neither. It’s the character skin and emotes.

lol no but it’s the in-game behavior. I’ve had matches with teammates who are low re-up and low character level who play smart, revive, and generally play as a team. Level doesn’t always reflect that.


I think behavior, teamplay , is more important than level, do what they are supposed to do and be useful for the team


I find levels to be not always a reliable indicator, Gears 4 taught me that where some high Reup/Wings players in Horde would absolutely suck, or maybe they were just having a bad day.

But I tend to ask for players to have a minimum character level(usually 10 or above for Elite, 12+ for Insane, 15+ for Incon and Master) just as some sort of fail safe or potential guarantee they have an idea how to play their character properly, or have adequate skills unlocked for the various difficulties(I don’t like to consider skill levels because I know how much the RNG can screw with that, even if I know that a certain level for them is required for high difficulty runs).

Certainly don’t have an issue with getting say, a Reup 4 player if they’re not completely stupid. At least a few of those aren’t.

I played a social gridiron tonite and had a reup 50 in the match on the other tm, all they did was lancer. Not once did they use a gnasher, which i found strange🤔

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Probably wants an alternative shotgun…

Probably just trying to get the stupid 250 lancer eliminations to get the medal and emote (thrashball spike I think).

I’ve been there and done that myself in social…

Easy. Neither.


I might favour more towards higher levelled character and not bother looking at Re-ups. Like preferring 15-18 only for Master.

But sometimes you can have a higher levelled Re-up player who is trying to level their lower levelled character in Escape Clock or Horde for instance.

It doesn’t really matter much. It depends.

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Play with friends you already know are more than competent as much as possible. It doesn’t matter what what there re-ups are, i’ve seen some great team players with 2/3 re-ups . Also i’ve played with idiots with 15/20 and wonder to myself how they actually managed to acquire that much experience, whilst it appears they should still be playing beginner difficulty.
At least with a higher baseline chracter level you know the abilities are available to play albeit low levels perhaps.

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I don’t think there’s a set rule. I’m usually playing on inconceivable but my son uses my gamer tag when he plays on intermediate and there’s often 20+re ups playing advanced and lower absolutely clueless. He’s currently playing his second game today as jack begging every wave for a forge. For the second time he’s had to hoard power and buy it himself.

Yesterday myself, I thought I’d have a quick run through elite and a level 18 del kept buying and upgrading to level 4 fences everywhere and then lost most of them as he couldn’t keep up with repairs. I was begging him not to keep buying them.

I much prefer to host now and clean shop early.

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Levels are unimportant. Play styles is.
Too many selfish players out there that will not give you a seconds thought. Gears of War and Gears is a team based game.
Look for people that want to play the game as a team, even half baked players are better than some of the swine out there.

For Escape its more re up level.

For Horde - I would look more at the character level. Higher character level - more cards.

As crude as it sounds…i agree with your last sentence. Get rid straight away and you’ll generally have a good team by wave 10. Good players won’t stay around for long if your hosting a match full of idiots…

I’d prefer higher character level before higher player level. Then there is at least a chance that they’ve unlocked and equipped some good skills for the character.

The re-up says nothing about skills since we have trolls and cheaters, though it can say something about Gears 5-experience. A low re-up player may have a significant amount of experience from earlier Gears games and therefore knows their role despite low re-up

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I’d be an example basically, 1 re-up and I’ve still got the codes from previous years.

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I’ve been surprised by both. Seen plenty of re-up 10+ that seemed to not understand the very basics of teamwork in horde.

Any day of the week I’d prefer you with a level 15 Marcus rather than a reup 11 with a level 5 Marcus.

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My highest character is Cog gear at 11, would be cool to play as a deebee instead.

After i pitched a concept in another forum…

It makes you baffled, doesn’t it? I’ve come across those a lot. I am guessing they’re mainly doing escape or versus but needs some dailies or something. They join your master lobby just to not deposit or run around like mad squirrels on the map for a couple of waves, usually being downed or dying several times a wave before quitting.

Then you have those low re-ups that is trying to teach you how horde works through mic or chat even though it’s obvious you are 15 re-ups higher than them and that they don’t have a clue what they’re taking about.