Player levels should dictate duplicates

Simply put, the highest level duplicate character should be the dominant and one to play the game.
My example tonight, My level 16 Del just got replaced by a level 1, how does that work? Please look into this TC, because it’s an unfair issue this game has.



People have been saying this since launch. The game doesn’t respect player character level, but player order in the lobby. So with that, if the Level 1 character was above you in the lobby, you’re the one who gets changed despite having a Level 16 character. Which I think is stupid.

And this Horde(and Escape) just makes it all the more apparent that there should be some difficulty level restrictions. Who wants to carry Level 2-5 characters on Insane, Inconceivable or Master? Anybody? No? That’s what I thought.

In fairness.
It’s certainly annoying when some level 1 takes my Mac on escape.

But I do kind of get it. They were there first, they picked it first. If they’re not stupid they should change it, especially if you ask.

I did Master horde with a level 6 Kait the other day so it’s not to say just because they’re a low level they’re going to be ■■■■.


Arguments for both sides.

What’s wrong with those in line getting to go first?

sounds like you guys want horde matches set per levels which is entirely different.

You guys should take your elitist attitudes and ■■■■.

My level 10 shouldn’t get bumped just because a level 12 logs in after I’ve been waiting ten minutes for a match.

I would say whoever joins the match first gets to pick first. If they switch AFTER you’ve joined,than tough luck for them if they pick who you’ve got.
It sucks when you start a lobby, and get screwed out of your choice of character.

Why does it always come with the association that someone has an elitist attitude? This doesn’t even have to apply to Custom matchmaking where players should sort out their ‘conflicts’ themselves, but in the regular matchmaking queues where this no duplication rule and the current auto switching system are less than adqueate. But why does the low reup level Level 1 character in an Insane, Elite or Inconceivable lobby get priority over a Level 12, 15 or 18 character? That’s a stupid thing, whether you like it or not.

Also, a “first come first serve” rule is also just as stupid and you must be the kind of person who believes they should get all of the best cut of a piece of meat simply because they arrived first despite not being entitled to it, and cuts out the center while leaving the surrounding pieces for everybody else, just because you wanted to. Spoiler alert : It’s not just you who exists on the team. It doesn’t have anything to do with an elitist attitude if you don’t want a Level 1 character switching out your Level 17 or 18 character, especially on a high difficulty. How a Level 10 vs Level 12 character should be handled, well, the system could just work in brackets. But either approach has flaws. But “first come first serve” is much worse than “higher level gets priority”.

Just leave it as is for Custom lobbies and let players sort the character choices out. But in Public matchmaking there should be some kind of other rule in place. But it’s also not perfect for characters of equal level, if the char level was taken into consideration for who plays who.