Player in list but not in game

I still have never heard a good answer of why a player will show in the pre game player list but will not be in the game. I am speaking about Gears 4 social quickplay. I see this all the time. A players tag is in the list but will not be playing in game. It’s annoying because this causes an extra longer match start time and if you stay to the next match, frequently the player is there again blocking that spot. I have looked at the player profile and most often they are offline or were not even playing GOW . I have tried to bring this to TCL but have never gotten a response. Anyone else experience this?

I have and yes it’s a bug that basically started in Gears4 and moved over to 5. Doubt they can or will do anything about it since there’s not enough outcry about it being that it only affects quickplay and the devs never addressed it.

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You are the first response that made sense. Thanks for the input